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War games "Tank World" allows players to experience the unprecedented tank war fun. Driving a variety of powerful tanks in the game, rushed into the realistic realism of the World War II battlefield, with the enemy to carry out a fierce battle tank, which is "tank world" to bring the fun of the players.  However, in "tank world" is not only those German Tiger King, the Soviet Union is, the United States T29 and other powerful tanks, and some shoulder the transition mission tank tanks, players can be carefully screened, not be fooled by the name of these tanks. "British Churchill", named after the former British prime minister Winston Churchill, is a rare heavy tank in tank world's primary tank. In light of the data, Churchill has a great defense, even more than the famous Soviet kv tank, but in the actual battle, the tank's poor performance, by the players dubbed the "silly mound." The slow pace of movement and the sheer size of the figure made Churchill the most attractive target on the battlefield. Although it has a remarkable protective power, it is only a matter of time before it is destroyed under intensive fire.  What's more, Churchill's tank cannon is too weak to penetrate the same class of tanks, so it is known as the "silly mound" is called the real return. People send the nickname "Silly Hill" Churchill tank "German chaser" 300 meters observation range! Yes, this 4-class German anti-tank only 300 meters of observation range, using "blind" to describe it is the most suitable but! As an anti-tank cannon that attacks the enemy in its main way beyond the distance, incredibly only 300 meters of observation distance, which basically allows hunters to give up the ability to long-range attacks, only in the face of enemy tanks face-to-face melee, to a mere 270 points of blood and 138 munitions lethality, to combat the enemy of those lethality, protection, The life force is much higher than the hunter's tank. Do you really want to drive a hunter to the battlefield?  That's good luck. The hunters ' observation is too close. "The United States M3 grant" first saw the United States 4-class tank M3 grant, you will be its two turrets are misled, feel that the tank has a double barrel must be in the attack of outstanding performance. In fact, M3 's top turret is so powerful that it has no effect in combat and cannot be used on the battlefield, and players can only use the 75MM tank cannon below to attack.  At this point, you'll find M3 's biggest flaw--no moving turrets, as a 4-class tank, a medium-sized tank that follows a large force in a roundabout battle with the enemy, M3 has no removable turret, which makes it impossible to attack the enemy nearby, so M3 Grant becomes a big pit dad. Without moving the turret is M3 Grant's biggest flaw, "Soviet T28" the Soviet T28 medium tank has a tank cannon and 3 machine guns, is famous for its multiple turret tanks. T28, like the M3 Grant in the United States, can only use tank cannons in the tank's main gun--76mm in combat, with significantly less firepower than the usual 88-mm cannon. Meanwhile, the T28 tankThe frontal armor is only 30 millimeters, and even a rough light tank can penetrate the T28 armor plate and inflict a great deal of damage on the tank, so T28 tanks are often the target of the opponent's priority attack on the battlefield.  In addition, T28 has only 350 points of life, it is basically difficult to survive after the enemy attack. T28 Armor only 30mm "Soviet su-85b" attention to the tank model--su-85b, and the famous Soviet Union 5 anti-tank artillery SU-85 The difference between a word, but the strength is indeed a sky underground. SU-85B can only use 76mm tank cannons, 85mm tank guns, the power is far less than the SU-85 107mm tank cannon, and regardless of mobility, protection and other attributes, su-85b is far inferior to its descendants, not to mention the viability of the battlefield.  Some players said: "The use of su-85b attack advanced tanks is simply a waste of ammunition, and by the enemy after the basic is found dead", so simple a word but said the su-85b of the embarrassing place. SU-85B is too fragile, firepower is also less than the war games, "tank World" in the five are being fooled tank, do you feel empathy? "Tank World" in a total of more than 150 tank tanks, in addition to the very individual is being hoodwinked tank, the vast majority of tanks are unique, with high ease of use. As a player, you do not hurry to join the "tank World", to pick the tiger, Tiger King, KV, M4 Sherman and other famous tanks, in the World War II Battlefield won your honor.
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