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Xinhua Nanjing, November 3, "in recent years, China's forestry industry has developed rapidly, the annual output value of the forest products exceed the trillion yuan, into exports accounted for similar products of the total world trade 18%, has jumped into the world of forest products production and trading powers."  "State Forestry Bureau director Zhibang November 3 in Jiangsu Pizhou held the second National Forestry industry conference said." Zhibang said that since the first national forestry Industry Congress in 2007, the state and various countries have promulgated a series of policies and measures to support the development of forestry industry, which strongly promoted the development of forestry industry. 2008 National forestry industry output value reached 1.4 trillion yuan, the total import and export trade of forest products amounted to 71.9 billion U.S. dollars, 14.9% and 11.8% respectively than 2007. China's forest products import and export accounted for similar products of the total world trade 18%, has jumped into the world of forest products production and trading powers.  National wood-based panel production reached 94.09 million cubic meters, rosin, bamboo, bamboo products, wood-based panels, furniture and other product output ranked first in the world. In recent years, the development of forestry industry in China presents three changes. First, the forestry characteristic industry becomes the new bright spot. Woody, forest economy, forest tourism, biomass energy, wild animal domestication and breeding use of characteristics such as the rapid development of industries. The second is the new development of private forestry economy. At present, in the forestry industry development Total investment, more than 90% is the private capital. The total number of national private forestry enterprises has reached 11,000, accounting for more than 78.2% of the national forestry industry enterprises, the output value accounted for 70.4%. Third, the forestry industry structure presents new changes. Under the guidance of industrial policy and the pressure of market competition, the adjustment of forestry industry structure is accelerating, and the industry upgrading and the elimination of backward production capacity become the initiative intention of enterprises.  The output value structure of forestry 123 industry was adjusted to 44.1:47.5:8.4 by the 44.3:48.1:7.6 of 2007, and the tertiary industry grew far more than other two industries. Zhibang pointed out that there are still some problems in the development of forestry industry in China. The main support capacity of forest resources is weak, the raw material forest base construction is slow, the quality is not high, the benefit is poor, the industry overall quality is low, the economic growth pattern is extensive, the science and technology contribution rate is not high, the backward production capacity is huge, the forest products science and technology content is low, the brand consciousness is weak, the international famous High-end forest products processing machinery is mainly dependent on imports. In addition, the international financial crisis has brought new challenges to the development of forestry industry in China. In the face of difficulties and challenges, we must firm confidence, scientific response, challenges as opportunities, the gap as potential, further bigger and stronger forest industry.
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