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The current ranking is largely determined by the external links to the site. Can say, the external link is many, the quality is good, that certainly can obtain the good rank. But most friends are complaining that external links are hard to do. In fact, they have gone into the misunderstanding, the external link is not equal to friendship links.

A reference to external links, perhaps a lot of webmaster first impression is friendship links, and then hard to look around the site to cooperate, one day down, dizzy, but really made a few friendship links, adhere to a two or three days, and then give up, say: This external link really he is difficult to do.

Friendship links are just one of the external links. Have resources on hand friends, more extensive network, do friends chain is relatively simple, but for some new station or a few friends webmaster, it is difficult to do good links. In this case, consider the following types of external links:

1 posts, to the major webmaster forum, Baidu, a large number of registered, and then carefully write a few soft wen, in the text add your keyword links or web site, one day release more than 10 forums, a forum 2-3 stickers, then your site can add dozens of a day chain.

This method is more real, and the weight of the main webmaster forum is also high. But the post needs some skills, some forums on the link audit more strict, but after a few nails, I believe you will have a great harvest.

2 blog links, do a few big blogs, every day to send some of their own choice of soft, soft text added links, blog homepage also add links. One count, you send a few articles a day is a few outside the chain, but it is best to choose Popular blog, Sina is the first choice, or your blog search is not included, is in vain.

3 nets pick, collect more than 10 current popular nets pick, download plug-ins, and then put some of your site's characteristics of the page collection. A friend is a network of novels, he put some names on his website more sensitive novels are collected, every day can add more than 20 chain, but also can bring 100-10000ip. The main thing is to spend not 10 minutes a day.

The means of promotion is not much, lies in the fine, if the above three means you have thoroughly digested, casually spend a few minutes, you can easily create dozens of outside the chain, this is far from hard to find someone to do friendship links can be compared.

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