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Since June 2012 to date, Baidu has carried out a series of algorithm updates, which, Baidu announced clearly put forward: I hope the webmaster to build more quality content, a number of users to provide useful things. In this case, many seoer experts have predicted that the chain for the emperor's era is about to pass, the value of the chain will become less and less, do SEO optimization webmaster should quickly adjust their own optimization methods, timely adapt to the new algorithm adjustment. The face of many seoer brick, Wang opened new still think hair outside the chain is still a good way to improve the ranking of the site.

The value of the outer chain

In a few years ago, SEO just started, at that time very simple, only need to keep piling up the key words and the chain, you can get a good ranking. And with the constant intelligence of the search engine, this kind of website has suffered a serious blow. Completely for the search engine and the existence of continuous production of garbage content, natural this approach by the user and the search engine abandoned. And the recent Baidu algorithm update, it seems that a lot of the spear refers to the outside of the chain of garbage. As a result, seoer feel the chain began to become unimportant, and should strengthen their own quality of the chain of content. In fact, the current Baidu algorithm no matter how to update, it still does not escape the chain + content calculation ranking way, will still be outside the chain of the existence of the calculation of a site rankings, but these two aspects of the role of ranking, is slowly changing.

At present, or for a long time in the future, the value of the chain is still a very important search engine ranking a way, still is worth many seoer to pay attention to. and webmaster need to pay attention to IS, how to diversify the construction of a website, how to build a search engine like, users like the site is deeply worth thinking about the problem.

Second, the bulk of the chain is like a ditch poop

In the eyes of people who do not touch SEO, many people think that SEO is how magical a thing, do Baidu ranking is how good. And until contact with the SEO industry, only to know how hard it is a job. Take the outside chain this thing to say, need to go round to the Forum registered account number, repeat again to post top posts, and wages, but only enough to eat and clothing. As a result, some of the chain of mass tools on the birth and birth, many people will choose a group of outside the chain of this construction, an instant can for our website construction 100,000 outside the chain. The author thinks, the chain only therefore has the existence the value, is we in the simulation user to publish, lets the search engine know, unceasingly has the user to vote for our website. And once a group of outside the chain, it completely lost this meaning, this is like for our website buried a time bomb, sooner or later that day will explode, our site K without a trace.

Outside the chain construction, should follow the gradual, steady for your website to publish outside the chain. At the same time, a high quality of the relevance of the chain, quality change to win to defeat our competitors.

Third, the search engine algorithm in the hands of a few people

Maybe everyone feels that doing outside the chain is a how hard how boring work, so I want to find the secret of website ranking, hoping to quickly improve the ranking of the site. I want to say is, do SEO the secret of success, is to insist, cycle of persistence. Real search engine algorithms are only mastered in the hands of a few people, in everyone knows to do SEO knowledge, we only fight is to do our best to do our website, who insists the better the longer, then our site can beat other competitors.

In the future, the search engine will continue to change, because the user's needs are constantly changing. Many of the seoer are diligent insist on doing their own website, and then timely to keep pace with the internet, perhaps the next grassroots webmaster successful people Are you. Article by the real-name Network marketing team Dongguan seo-Wang Kaiyuan Writing, http://www.wangkaixin.com/seosx/66.html, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

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