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SEO seems to have walked at the crossroads. "Confused heart, how hard, also see the road ahead", thinking about SEO development outlet, we can in the SEO road with ease. Into the 2013, under the 360 search aggressive offensive, Baidu launched a self-defense war, and the opener is to take the repeatedly criticized SEO surgery.

Why does SEO become Baidu's "target"?

SEO is the black hat and white hat coexist, black hat and white hat is both sides of SEO. Black hat is through cheating means to interfere with search engine search results page rankings, the result is the pollution of the search engine ecological environment, on the other hand, the destruction of Internet users search experience. And Baidu first to take the SEO axe its root is also part of the Black Hat means is frequently used, resulting in a decline in internet search experience.

Search engine and webmaster interaction?

Although the search engine actively carry out the interaction with the webmaster, but to get the flow of natural rankings to achieve the goal is still webmaster wishes, and every search engine algorithm changes will bring the flow redistribution, ranking fluctuations, shocks into the normal. As a search engine, its goal is to create the best user search experience, it is said to let netizens use the fastest search engine to find what they need.

Outside the chain and publicity, which is the weight?

Outside the chain, for SEO is very important, since the birth of the Web page, the link has become a connection between the various pages of the bridge and link, it is this link, the Internet countless web pages together, netizens can jump through the anchor text freely to any of their own interest in the page, anchor text on the meaning of the internet is self-evident, In the search engine algorithm, the anchor text role is to tell the search engine your site is the best way to do what.

Publicity, including product promotion, brand promotion, and so on, its more is to guide netizens to search their own product words or brand words, to achieve the purpose of conversion orders. Publicity from the long-term development perspective, the establishment of network brands, more publicity brand is the ultimate goal of online propaganda.

How does a search engine judge the quality of a Web page?

The root cause of this problem is the search engine's abhorrence of false originality, the updated algorithm in the fight against cheating at the same time, the spam site, the garbage page is also cleaned up, the root cause, are due to the quality of the site content is not enough to cause, SEO every day to say that the quality of the article, website quality, content quality, what does the quality mean? Quality means satisfying demand, yes! But the search engine for the first time to crawl your updated to meet the needs of users of the article, it is a program, how to determine the quality of your article is high? can meet the needs of netizens? That leads to the next topic: Try to show, that is, grab the article, By using the method of eliminating weight, the articles with high repetition are not indexed. And for some original articles, that is, the low repetition of articles and content search engine itself can not determine whether the article to meet the needs of netizens, then a try to show, through the attempt to display to collect netizens response to this search results, Use the user's behavior data to analyze the quality of this article. Of course, here it is worth putting forward a point is that there is a time difference, and search engines for the high weight of the site will give greater trust, crawl speed, judge the quality of speed, release speed are generally not comparable to the site.

Where is the outlet for future SEO?

The future development direction of SEO will be from the pure hair outside the chain, send articles to the program technology development. Online publicity is the site itself (but can also borrow other marketing platform to promote the company's products and services, here only to discuss the promotion of the site itself), while the fundamental SEO technology lies in the site's own structure, the optimization of the program, followed by the content of the article to meet customer needs, China's largest question and answer platform Baidu know is to use the question and answer content page to meet customer demand to have the current so much influence, this gives us the revelation is: the content of the website is done, the framework optimization, the code is also optimized, then the next step is to increase the publicity outside the station, whether it is brand propaganda, product promotion, Or outside the chain release, will be the site itself in search engine rankings have a great impact.

So, is that a one-time site content building? Although it is not necessary to do the optimization as before, that is, one or more articles of original quality every day, but it is necessary to update some articles that follow the development of the industry in time, because this is the need to keep pace with the times. So the future of small and medium Web site content Update frequency should be appropriately reduced, update some users really need content. According to incomplete statistics: since the birth of the SEO, due to the acceleration of the article update frequency caused by the explosion of information on the Internet, it will inevitably make the search engine overwhelmed, the identification and inclusion of information needs of netizens become the primary task of search engines.

SEO future tasks?

SEO Future task is to optimize the frame structure within the site, optimize the chain structure within the website, low frequency to update their target customers need articles, increase the publicity efforts outside the station.

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