Outside the chain is important, but you know? The inner chain is also important.

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A good site not only needs a good outside the chain, but also need to do their own internal chain. The chain is compared to a person's social relations, and the inner chain is compared to a person's language communication ability. For a new station, we need to spend a lot of time every day to increase the chain. Can be increased outside the chain at the same time, we have forgotten to use a small period of time to the site's inner chain to do well first. Outside the chain can attract spiders crawling, include your site, can be inside the chain but can make the spider stay more time.

Inside the chain, is actually the connection inside the station. The chain and outside the chain is different, outside the chain to spend a lot of time to convince other webmaster and you connect, and the chain is in their hands, as long as they want to do well within the chain will certainly do well.

How to build a good inner chain, we use my net earn navigation to do an example to explain.

1th: Create a good map for the website

Site map is very important, site map, commonly known as Sitemap, will establish a good sitemap must be placed in your home page, so you can more powerful attract search engine spiders crawling. We can go to see the bottom of my home page, there is a website spider area, which is my Site map sitemap.

2nd: Use the internal short connection of the website as far as possible, not the whole connection address of the website.

This is actually very simple, that is, do not let your site connect all use the site's overall connection. Xxx/xxx. PHP is always better than x x xx.com/xxx/xxx.php. A short connection enables the spider to judge that your connection is a site internal connection.

Third: Tag as much as possible to establish tag

The use of tag, greatly facilitates the browsing habits and hobbies, which is also very friendly to search engines. The use of tag, played a browser and search engine in depth guidance, very conducive to optimization. As shown in the case site, in the bottom set up a large number of tag guide, no doubt to the search engine a good hint.

4th: Project connection of the website

The site's project connection is also important, which determines the weight of your site. The general spider will consider this first.

The above is my summary of experience, if you think you can send some comments!

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