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According to Xinhua News agency, Beijing, November 14, the head of the regulatory division of the General Administration of customs, Huang 14th, told Xinhua news agency reporters that the provision of duty-free restrictions on the baggage of entry passengers is in line with international practice; At present, the community of the General administration of Customs "on entry passengers baggage inspection standards related matters of the notice" is more concerned about, and this has caused some controversy.  Some people think that the customs "$ 5000" and the "$ 2000" limit for non-resident travellers are too stringent.  Huang said that the practice of imposing duty-free limits on baggage items carried by entry passengers is a more general practice, and that the imposition of a total value on goods exceeding the limit value is also a popular method for all countries. It is understood that the duty-free limit for imported personal items in Australia is 900 Australian dollars, the United Kingdom is 390 pounds, Germany is 430 euros, the United States to the entry of passengers of personal belongings of the duty-free limit is 800 U.S. dollars, the personal items of non-residents of the duty-free limit is 100 U.S. dollar,  The duty-free limit for imported personal items in Korea is 400 dollars. At present, the duty-free limit for personal belongings carried by residents in China is $5000, and the tax exemption for non-resident travellers intending to stay in the territory is $2000.  Considering the difference of national economy development level, the limit value of individual items in China determined by the developed countries is basically equal to the duty-free limit. He said that the value of the customs limit is the duty-free limit for imported personal items, that is, to tax the limit and to exempt it from the limit, and that it is not the value limit for passengers to carry the goods. In addition to the state regulations prohibiting or restricting entry, items exceeding the duty-free limit are only required to pay taxes to the customs and can still be brought into the country.  The relevant provisions are in line with national conditions and international practice. Huang that some people have misunderstood the nature of the tax levied on travellers ' belongings. At present, the customs mainly levy taxes on goods which are imported from overseas and which are intended to remain in the territory by non-resident travellers.  The customs does not levy a tax on the original personal belongings that passengers carry into (out) the border and bring out (into) the territory. Huang said that for some time, some organized smuggling gangs, under the guise of personal belongings, use the convenient customs clearance measures of inbound and outbound passenger baggage to evade customs supervision and tax evasion, and the customs will resolutely investigate such smuggling offences.
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