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Due to the beginning of the year before the domestic domain name host of the issue of the record, resulting in a large number of personal webmaster began the journey overseas, at the same time, the demand for overseas virtual host and domain name registration is also soaring, as the overseas virtual host relative to the domestic virtual host, the first language gap exists So for a lot of stationmaster is a relatively unfamiliar product, therefore, we here a rough discussion of overseas virtual host and domestic virtual host compared with the advantages and have to face the disadvantage.

In general, the advantages of overseas virtual host mainly focused on cost-effective, no need to record. The main advantages of domestic mainframe is fast, localized services. As for service, it is very difficult to say who has the advantage.

Advantages of overseas Virtual Host:

1. High cost performance

This is relatively easy to understand, is also a virtual host, such as I now use the Justhost virtual host, the standard scheme is 42 knives a year, equivalent to about 280 RMB, a top-level domain name, traffic and disk space is not limited. Relatively expensive host Gator, single domain name scheme plus discount code one year is about 72 knives, equivalent to about 500 of the RMB, the same does not limit capacity and flow, the gift of top-level domain. Such a price for domestic host is relatively inexpensive, the same price under the Orange Linux virtual host is basically only 300M and 500M of hard disk space and 30M and 50M MySQL database,. NET system is more expensive. So simple contrast, overseas virtual host in the purchase of a relatively large space can also get a top-level domain name, if its own site is not very large words, you can complete the BBS, portals, and blog set up, while also using the background ssh wall, And the domestic host to buy space after the additional to bear the cost of the domain name, and capacity is unable to meet the support of multiple sites, so that, cost-effective, overseas host is basically a large advantage.

2. Exempt from filing

This is the state of the matter, now the Ministry of the General management of all Web sites are required to record processing, and many require a business license and organization code to record, which basically blocked the survival of the personal station space, perhaps some people say that many on the internet for the record, indeed a lot of, But at the same time you also want to see a lot of online records, and the results were mercilessly cancelled out, these situations are really too confusing, personal stationmaster already is a very weak group, ask them to face this kind of administrative formalities every day, then either simply give up to do station, or emigrate overseas, After all, foreigners will not go to you for the record.

3. Excellent service

Basically, the overseas virtual host will provide 24 hours technical support service, as well as the machine time safeguard. 24-hour technical support to ensure that users have any problems when no one can not find a solution to the situation, and if the server when the machine time than their guarantee, the general will have compensation measures, these are more than most of the domestic virtual host do want to be solid and honest, We can enjoy a few foreigners excellent service bar.

Disadvantages of overseas Virtual host:

1. No speed.

This is a general problem, but it cannot be generalized. Overall, the speed of the overseas host most is inferior to the domestic, after all, need to pass more routes to transit, North America also have to cross the submarine cable, so basically 200ping is very common, this is the geographical advantage of domestic host will be very obvious. But relatively speaking, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, the virtual host faster, but also have the characteristics of no need to record, but generally speaking, the price is not as high as North America, as to how to balance, it depends on the webmaster's own financial situation and the type of site to be determined, but also This should be based on their own circumstances to consider, you can try it better.

2. Copyright sensitive

This is another national problem. Basically, the domestic host is not a copyright review this issue, and relative, the European and American foreign virtual host for this aspect is very sensitive, will receive a letter of complaint, and then request to delete the copyright sensitive information or move directly, this point for the domestic webmaster may be more difficult to adapt to the beginning. Relatively speaking, the copyright problem is not too large overseas virtual host mainly concentrated in Malaysia is equivalent to the third world countries, where the regulation of these things is not very strict, but it is said that the price is not too cheap, the need to webmaster can study.

3. The problem of localization

The main target customers of overseas virtual host are mostly concentrated in English area, so basically, regardless of the website service or interface, is a large number of foreign, if the Chinese webmaster's English is not good, may encounter a language barrier. At the same time, compared to the domestic mainframe, a large number of U.S. virtual host have a lot of preset construction procedures, such as WORDPRESS,PHPBB, and so on, these things from the use of a large number of personal users, but the culture has not done well, is a very regrettable point, Basically the default installation of many programs can not display Chinese, need to manually adjust the database and interface settings, for non-English users of the number of a bit of trouble.

In addition to the several major aspects mentioned above, there are 2 that cannot be explained:

First, the quality of service. In fact, although most of the overseas virtual host has 24-hour technical support, but because of the existence of language barriers, many friends can not appreciate the benefits of their services, this is to say, similarly, the domestic host may not be so high online time guarantee, but QQ group directly linked to the convenience of IDC, I am afraid that the overseas virtual host in this life can not be done. Therefore, after the sale, in fact, it is difficult to distinguish the specific.

Second, the payment link. Overseas host support Alipay is a minority, and domestic space users are mostly inclined to use Alipay, credit card and PayPal is relatively unfamiliar, here there is a payment link gap, but fortunately foreigners for Alipay seems to be gradually beginning to become interested in, hope to pay Alipay overseas host more and more. So our domestic webmaster use up also convenient point, but it seems that there is nothing to me, whether it is a cup or wash it?

To sum up, overseas host and domestic host is still each have advantages and disadvantages, and some people may say that the host seems to be inferior to a little more. Personally, I think, generally speaking, 2 or relatively average, in the need of space is not high performance, the domestic host does have a slight advantage. But the domestic record system is indeed caused by a large number of domestic personal websites outflow problem, this is the administrative cost of the invisible impact is very large, so there is no political impact of the overseas host, in these occupy a clear advantage, it is no wonder that people would rather say that the birds are going to go out.

Finally, the advantages and disadvantages, for an individual is often a different meaning, each person's situation is different, the focus is different, so this article is only a rough summary, not what accurate assessment report, so welcome people to correct the shooting bricks

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