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270 billion yuan China online payment market ushered in a new "big alligator". China UnionPay has made important strategic adjustments to include the promotion of online payment in one of its priorities this year, Tencent reported today.

UnionPay has not officially announced the adjustment. But UnionPay related people told the Beijing Morning News reporter, the UnionPay Special Affairs subsidiary Chinapay (UnionPay Electronic Payment Service Co., Ltd.) in the country recently with the help of the parent company, in the national key areas to carry out promotional activities. Last week, they held a promotion meeting in Beijing, Dangdang, NetEase, Wangfujing department stores and Air China, more than 30 merchants sent representatives to participate.

China's online payment market is exploding. According to the survey, the market was 274.3 billion yuan last year, an increase of 181% per cent compared with a year earlier. Alipay and Tenpay and other private third-party payment companies for merchants and consumers to provide payment interface, to achieve "brush" a variety of bank cards in the online consumption, played "online UnionPay" role.

However, although UnionPay in the net under the exclusive operation of the bank card "interconnection interoperability", but the long silence on the Internet. Chinapay was established in 2002 and has been operating quietly. The company recognized that, in terms of market share, the current Third-party payment business "Boss" is Alipay, the second is Tenpay, the third is chinapay. Many well-known businesses such as Dangdang, excellent Amazon and Jingdong mall, etc., are currently not connected to the online payment interface UnionPay.

UnionPay accepted Marketing department deputy general manager Fangjianguo publicly said that Chinapay want to become online payment "national team." In fact, the literal translation of Chinapay's English name is "China pays" and its market goal is self-evident. Fangjianguo believes that to pay the existing domestic and foreign resources, technical strength and brand influence, to achieve "striking" is not difficult. At present, UnionPay in the domestic key provinces and cities have branches, in 61 countries and regions abroad have partners, which are chinapay "proximity". As far as the brand is concerned, most of the domestic bank cards are printed with the "UnionPay" logo, and some merchants directly treat UnionPay as a highly creditworthy banking institution. As far as government background is concerned, the president of UnionPay, Luode, director of the People's Bank of China, Chinapay Chairman Liu Yongchun the original central bank to pay the Deputy Director of Science and Technology Division.

Faced with the challenge of UnionPay, there are third-party payment companies said that, in order to cultivate online consumption habits and open up the market, many private companies pay great efforts and capital investment, later should not simply "Peaches". Chinapay Payment Service Manager Lu Yihua said that UnionPay would not play a price war and would not compete with other institutions simply by means of price.

This adjustment is definitely the webmaster, especially do online mall, the webmaster platform of a gospel. Regardless of the implementation results, but this is a good sign, a good start, can bring a good revenue to the site, a stable payment platform.

Most of the current online payments have the payment interface for UnionPay. His strengthening of the invisible is to strengthen the site of an additional function. We have reason to believe that in the online payment more and more occupy an important position today, we stationmaster must be able to be in this piece cashing good!

At the same time, I hope that UnionPay can do a better job of security.

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