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The authenticity of the project is hard to find

P2P platform to blow at a rate of more than four times a year, at the same time the industry is also accelerating the tide of collapse. According to incomplete statistics, since the first half of the year, more than 50 online loan platforms have appeared on footpaths. Over 90% of them have been operating for less than a year. Behind the accelerated collapse of P2P platform highlights the "no threshold", "no supervision" of the consequences.

The new platform to attract high-yield passengers

But difficult to have high quality projects

Frequent 15% ~ 20% yield has attracted many investors to follow one after another, and even millions of high net worth clients to give up banking and trust switching to P2P. However, the reporter found that in the context of increased macroeconomic risks, the large platform lamented the high-quality project resources, "more monks and more porridge." However, the reporter found that many new online platforms still have a steady supply of new projects. That these projects in the end real or not? How much risk?

Take a certain P2P platform in Beijing as an example, it did not go live until April, but so far it has released more than 10 projects. However, the use of funds for these projects is not fully understood. For example, individual borrowers are used to "purchase collectibles," and enterprise borrowers are used for "temporary capital turnover." For these projects, collateral, collateral, investments in different places There is no way to verify the truth or not.

Like the above information disclosure vague P2P platform is widespread, insiders pointed out that these platforms behind the authenticity of the project can not be elegant, do not rule out most of them are false items. He described to reporters the "money-losing game" of some small platforms: Due to too many P2P platforms and extremely competitive competition, the new platform can only "take the lead in attracting funds by attracting high profits". However, as a new platform without background and resources, it is hard to attract real high-quality projects and therefore had to issue false projects to accumulate clients. Then rely on the rolling issue of short-term new projects to "drum pass flowers", by the new old. "If you continue to attract funds during this process, you can keep playing this game and the platform will gradually increase, but this model is very fragile, and once the funding chain breaks down, the platform can only run the road. "He said.

Project resources into a development bottleneck

Dong Mei, a palm tree researcher at P2P research institute, said that as the net loan industry is getting nearly 40% of its annualized high fees, it is very hard for the industry to have such benefits to cover such high financing costs. Therefore, the main body facing the industry is borrowers in the last stage of private financing lending, and their use of funds has high risk and urgency. This also leads to a vicious cycle of borrowers' qualifications.

The data of Wan brothers show that the platform from March to June 2014, more than 150 applications for loans, the final approval by the issuance of only 47.

In order to solve the project problem, Xu Bei, a researcher at China Internet Finance Association, pointed out that many P2P platforms are seeking to deepen the cooperation with small loans and guarantees and other institutions. This is also the future direction of development.

He pointed out that small loan companies have projects without funds and the platform is just the opposite. However, behind this cooperation, the two sides are still playing the game: whether a small loan company is building its own platform or hanging a project onto an existing platform depends on which side has greater advantages and is " .

In this regard, many people in the industry think the P2P industry will usher in the dawn of regulatory regulation, this year or the introduction of relevant policies. However, Xu North believes that at present there is no introduction of a p2p industry management approach, in the management approach came out before the licensing method can not be used to manage.

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