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One side is endless peerless P2P platform boss ran down the road, while the listed companies and banks continue to invest plus P2P industry, it was exclaimed: P2P into the fight father "era."

Investment hot and more co-exist P2P platform makes it increasingly widespread, according to China Banking Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Yan Qing-min said recently that P2P regulatory details will be introduced as soon as possible. This will inevitably eliminate most of the non-compliant P2P companies that are not qualified, and the entire industry is facing a reshuffle. Nevertheless, the capital market is still very optimistic about this not very stable industry, a lot of money are still one after another investment.

Turquoise investment P2P platform

According to incomplete statistics, there have been 14 A-share listed companies wading internet finance this year. Among them, the fireworks industry, Panda Fireworks listed companies to spend 100 million yuan into the P2P platform Silver Lake Network has become the single largest listed company into the current one. In addition to the self-built platform built last year by China Merchants Bank, in June this year, Baoshang Bank claimed that the "Pony Bank", the first Internet smart financial platform in China, was launched. Minsheng Electric Business and Huaxia Bank are also in full swing to launch Internet banking platform. GF Securities GF recently announced its investment in Shenzhen P2P companies which net investment nearly billion, holding more than 30% of the ratio.

In terms of state-owned assets, in May this year, Shaanxi Gold Holdings, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Gold Control, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Gold Control, became the first wholly state-owned internet financial service platform and the first P2P network with a background of state-owned assets in the central and western regions Loan platform; June, Beijing Haidian SDIC and third-party payment agencies Haike Rongtong P2P platform jointly funded "Ubisoft Finance" released the first P2P project.

In the first half P2P turnover of nearly 100 billion

According to the "China Internet Loan Industry 2014 Annual Report 2014" released by Home Loans, there are a total of 1,184 P2P platforms in the country as of the first half of 2014, surpassing the United States as the largest P2P trading market in the world. According to data released recently by P2P Network Credit Research Institute, in the first half of 2014, the total turnover of P2P net loans nationwide was 96.446 billion yuan, an increase of 36.382 billion yuan or 60.57% from 60.664 billion yuan in the second half of last year, while turnover for the whole year of last year The amount of 89.253 billion yuan.

It is understood that at present in the domestic P2P network to do a loan platform, the company registration is not complicated, investors can find a simple office space, you can easily on-line Showmanship transactions. Importantly, compared with the bank's wealth management products and the yield of the money fund, P2P is likely to attract investors with an annualized yield of 15% or even 25%. At the same time, P2P platform threshold is as low as 50 yuan, and many P2P platforms also promised to advance advance investment returns to investors, but also attracted the funds sought after competition.

Huang Zhen, director of Institute of Finance Law of the Central University of Finance and Economics, once described the status quo of P2P online lending platform with "three noises and three noes": there is demand, supply and intermediary service providers, but it is in a state of "three noes" - no entry barrier, No industry standard, no regulatory body.

In June, seven more platforms were closed

With the fiery P2P, P2P platform running or closing also showed a growing trend. Since last October, almost an average of one P2P platform plunged into a ruptured or collapsed capital chain every day. Network credit day Eye Operations Center monitoring shows that in 2013 there are more than 70 P2P platforms suspected of fraud or road run; closed in June this year, up to seven network loan platform, of which three runways, four suspected of fraud, the fastest Paveway platform, Zhejiang Heng Jin loan only on the line for a long time will lose contact. In addition, the phenomenon of P2P platform running in Beijing was first seen in Beijing, breaking the "myth" that there is no platform for running high-net-worth industries in Beijing.

According to the net loan home statistics, in 2013 there are more than 70 P2P platforms suspected of fraud or running. According to incomplete statistics, since last October, almost one platform fell into an almost ruined or collapsed capital chain every day. The industry believes that the emergence of this phenomenon is closely related to the growing environment of "no regulatory body, no entry barrier, no industry rules" where P2P platforms in our country are currently located.

China Banking Regulatory Commission study regulatory rules

Recently, Yan Qingmin, vice chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission, said recently that the CBRC is studying P2P regulatory rules and will be released as soon as possible. According to "Nanfang Daily" reports, industry sources, regulatory programs have been basically established, is expected to be introduced in August.

Last month, Wang Yanxiu, director of innovation department of China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), said last week that Internet finance should be encouraged in the light of its moderation and supportiveness in combination with the characteristics of the Internet. However, the development of Internet finance should have its own business boundaries and no capital pool, and the CBRC will improve relevantly Laws and regulations.

He Shi Jing, general manager of Haier Investment Management Co., Ltd. believes that the current P2P lending platform for the fiery development and competition and then buy network thousand group regiment is very similar. "I believe that with the continuous development of P2P industry, the entire Internet finance industry will survive the fittest, I do not think there will be a dominant phenomenon, there should be several comprehensive website platform and more specialization in the field of subdivision The platform. "

Beijing News reporter Chen Bai

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