P2P net loan industry turnover is still continuing to grow

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Each journalist Zhu Dandan came from Beijing

Just over the past 6 months, P2P net loan industry turnover is still continuing to grow. Data show that in June net loan industry total turnover of 14.148 billion yuan, up 3.17% over May, at the same time, there are also many platforms in June ran or shut down, so many people view, P2P industry The survival crisis is approaching.

Recently, Hu Xiaoming, Alibaba Group's vice president and chief risk officer of Ali Micro-Financial Services Group, pointed out in a forum that in China, P2P is a myth because of the promotion of capital power. However, in the next 12 to 18 months , There will be a large number of P2P companies usher in a crisis of survival.

Many industry insiders also told the Daily Economic News reporter that P2P teams have grown in size to make the funds oversupply and the risk of running roads worsen. They are endangering users and the P2P platform itself. In addition, P2P platforms have higher operating costs and profitability The situation is not optimistic, burning money is still the main. With the introduction of regulatory details, a large number of P2P platforms will face a crisis of survival.

E micro-loan CEO Lu Longtao believes that most of the P2P is now a financial model, not enough financial reverence, the main reason is because the industry's development time is short, the lack of outstanding professionals, practitioners uneven overall quality. As soon as possible the establishment of industry access threshold and regulatory approach, while the classification of information intermediaries and credit intermediaries, for different intermediary positioning to establish a differential treatment of regulatory measures.

Some platforms are facing a crisis of survival

According to the latest data from Home Loans, the total net loan industry in June reached 14.148 billion yuan, up 3.17% from May (revised 13.713 billion yuan). Since January 2014, the industry average monthly growth rate of 6.92%, according to this growth is expected by the end of 2014, the industry monthly turnover can exceed 20 billion yuan. However, the data also showed that there were 10 platforms running or shutting down in June, with a total of 147 platforms currently in question, accounting for about 14.69% of the total number of platforms in the country.

Hu Xiaoming pointed out in the above forum that the nature of finance, if it involves credit risk management, must follow the rules and characteristics of financial credit risk management as well as the internet finance. However, in China, because of the promotion of capital power, P2P is a myth. In the next 12 to 18 months, there will be a large number of P2P usher in a survival crisis. If you are involved in the financial credit risk, we must always recognize the fact that earnings are current. Interest is received right away, but the risk is likely to be 12 months and 18 months later. Many entrepreneurs today make mistakes and evolve into illegal fundraising or other risky events.

Lu Langtao also told Daily Economic News reporter pointed out that in terms of P2P operating costs, it is now several times higher than two years ago. In particular, some small platforms have very narrow living space. From the current so-called "big" platform hurry to make quick money point of view, profit is not optimistic. In addition, the main influx of P2P has changed now, many traditional industry boss consulting how to engage in P2P, want to enter or have entered the P2P more and more traditional industry operators. Based on these factors, a large number of P2P companies may face a crisis of survival. Especially the small platform, if there is no special advantages of resources, there will be a short period of survival crisis.

Qian Haili, an assistant analyst for Internet Finance at the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, also pointed out to reporters in the Daily Economic Journal that as P2P teams continue to grow, the oversupply of funds and exacerbation of runway risks are endangering users and the platform itself. And because of the huge amount of money involved, it may even trigger a series of reactions from the social and financial markets. The forthcoming promulgation of industry regulatory rules that the China Banking Regulatory Commission will take the lead in researching will make the P2P industry face a major reshuffle and the number of P2P enterprises that will survive in the future may be reduced to over one hundred.

"The healthy development of P2P must go through a series of trials and hardships and eliminate a number of poorly managed net lending companies and even crack down on a group of gangs that are committing crimes through P2P platforms. After shuffling, some giant and powerful networks Loan companies may merge some small and medium-sized net loan companies, and ultimately the formation of large-scale operation. "Gold Coast Chief Operating Officer An Dan Fang Road.

P2P platform deviate from the information intermediary positioning

The reporter also noticed that at present, many P2P companies adopt the financial-like mode, but they lack a sufficient understanding of finance and employers lack financial experience, especially the risk control experience.

"Some of the problems with the platform are that it has no respect for finance, no knowledge of credit risk, and the Internet can not offset the regularity of credit risk. Only by honestly ensuring the core capital adequacy ratio, ensuring that bad debt provision is available and proceeding Credit assessment, is king. Internet finance needs more than just passion, "Hu Xiaoming pointed out.

Lu Langtao also pointed out that nowadays most P2P companies are truly financial-like and do not have enough respect for finance. The main reason is the short development period of the industry, the shortage of outstanding professionals and the uneven quality of practitioners. Personally think that as soon as possible the establishment of industry access threshold and regulatory approach. At the same time, the classification of information intermediaries and credit intermediaries supervision, for different intermediary positioning to establish a distinction between the regulatory approach.

An Dan Fang said that P2P credit management should be integrated into the Internet financial standards. P2P is a lending and information service platform for lenders and borrowers. However, China's current credit management system is relatively lacking. If banks do not carry out detailed credit investigation and management of borrowers, they can not sidestep the risks.

Qian Haili also to the "Daily Economic News" analysis of the reporter pointed out that P2P platforms need to have a higher turnover and turnover rates, which also makes most P2P platforms began to change, to the evolution of credit intermediaries, grants secured, financial management And other services, began to assume the bank's role. However, most P2P platforms overlook the fact that their own fund size is limited. This is due in large part to the "three noes" status of the P2P industry.

Reporters noted that, in fact, regulators have long been aware of some P2P platforms are deviating from the information intermediary to the credit intermediary change. Gong Minghua, deputy director of China Banking Regulatory Commission Policy Research Institute pointed out at the end of last year: "P2P as an information intermediary should provide a platform for information matching between the sponsor and the financier. However, some P2P platforms have deviated from this direction and changed information intermediaries into credit intermediaries, And adopted a variety of ways such as guarantee, debt splitting and capital pool, which have deviated from the category of private lending and really need to be strictly managed. "

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