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Each journalist Zhu Dandan came from Beijing

To guarantee the high hikes, insurance companies to third-party institutions involved in the model began to receive widespread industry attention.

Daily Economic News reporter recently learned that following the May 2005 Choi Road and China Life Insurance Beijing Branch started in the insurance, credit insurance and other property insurance in the field of cooperation, the number of platforms are intended to start with insurance companies Business Cooperation. Among them, China Life Insurance North Branch intends to carry out financial credit risk loans and credit cooperatives with financial institutions, a total of rich network and insurance companies on the issue of risk protection had negotiated.

However, the P2P platform to introduce insurance companies, whether it is security platform or security project, the industry is not the same view.

Several platforms to introduce insurance companies

Choi Lo-Tong and China Life Insurance Company Limited Beijing Branch of the specific cooperation is: By the insurance company on the road of the core business system, credit rating system and risk control system to conduct a comprehensive assessment, and Choi Road will be insured Borrowers within the scope of information and the basis of risk control approved by the system docking synchronization to the insurance company. Insurance companies on the wealth of P2P platform risk control links throughout the monitoring. When the borrower on the P2P platform overdue repayment situation, the insurance company to verify the information, will pay Choi Road platform.

"In Yixin and China Life Insurance North Branch of the cooperation, by the letter companies, trust companies and insurance companies to provide services to customers three. Yi Xin is a micro-credit trust trust program set by the insurance company under the trust program Borrowers default risk of repayment provide insurance protection services, provide multiple credit enhancement for investors' fund safety, and explore more and deeper cooperation mode with insurance companies. "

Co-op CEO Sui Anning also confirmed to the Daily Economic News reporter that a total of 50 million U.S. dollars have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with state-owned controlled property insurance and reached a strategic cooperation. According to reports, a total of rich network to do Internet supply chain finance, in the business sector can introduce some of the insurance companies, such as auto insurance, real estate insurance.

Talking about the difference between the introduction of the above types of insurance, an industry analysis pointed out that the insurance company and Choi Lo-cooperation is the insurance company's entire platform for the operation of the entire monitoring, participation in business processes, and the specific business targets batches underwriting , Is a large number of probability underwriting. Credit Suisse is also the subject of credit insurance coverage, but each insurance company and the actual cooperation programs are different. Since 2006, Credit Suisse and AVIC Trust have been cooperating with the Trust Company to issue serialized mini loan collective trust plans and raise funds for trust plans from qualified investors. The trust plans are used to issue small loans to natural borrowers. Small, scattered features greatly reduce the investment risk of the trust plan. After the introduction of credit insurance cooperation, an authoritative insurance institution with a third party credibility provides services and investors will be more assured of buying trust products.

In addition, the source introduced CCF's cooperation model as a third-party guarantee agency where the insured person is the borrower and the beneficiary is the platform.

The Yixin personages further pointed out to reporters that the combination of credit insurance and P2P industry is a very new concept. Before the credit guarantee insurance was mainly used in financial institutions such as banks or other large commercial trade exchanges, with the development of P2P industry, internet finance, Big data and other areas of development, but also to the domestic credit insurance breakthrough development has brought unlimited possibilities. However, with the deepening of cooperation, more problems need to be solved, such as establishing a better risk prediction model and developing insurance products that are more suitable for P2P.

Paul platform, or security project?

From the pattern of cooperation between CaiTongTong and insurance companies, it can be seen that its guarantee is the whole platform, while Credit Suisse is itself as the applicant, with CNAC as the insured and the loan loss to the north of China Life Insurance Credit insurance, relatively speaking, belongs to the cooperation in the financial field.

"Platform is the information service intermediary, does not promise the loan principal proceeds, does not assume the credit risk and the liquidity risk, the insurance company safe platform is meaningless, did not have the definite target.Therefore, the platform and the insurance company cooperation is through the data and Experience accumulation, determine the level of risk, set the scientific rate of the product, should protect the project rather than Paul platform. "Sui Anning think.

Anyi investment CEO Yang Hao pointed out that the analysis from the P2C platform, I hope insurance companies Paul platform. However, from an insurance company's point of view, the project should only be insured because different projects have different risks and can not be cut in accordance with the standardized product model. There are also some technical obstacles. If it involves counter-guarantee arrived pledge procedures, then there is no real difference with the guarantee company model, change the course without changing medicine.

According to Yang Hao, compared with P2C, traditional P2P has the relative advantages of cooperation with insurance companies, but on the basis of accumulating big data, the current platform data volume is not enough to support it. In practice, when the project is at risk, the threshold of insurance company claims should be higher than the guarantee company's compensation threshold.

Lu told reporters on the "Daily Economic News" Paul insurance platform or security project, and the P2P platform business model, business model directly determines the transaction structure, for different transaction structure can take different modes, such as making a small credit micro Loan products, P2P platform, the platform can only be insured, otherwise, the insurance company's high operating costs, insurance rates can not be reduced, it does not have operational. And if the operation of P2P platform business is a large loan business, you can insure the project under the circumstances.

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