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& ">nbsp; "Science and technology News" June 20 information, June 20 is the 171th day of this year, 194 days from the end of the year. This is really a good day to celebrate, because today, "PA Three" 2.5 version finally updated!! The attention of the equipment system, convenient and efficient copy sweep, and handsome to the explosion of the Zhao Awakening! The small cell phone has been hungry for a long time!

New equipment system, the attention of the divine soldiers in the secular

The equipment system is a weapon that can be equipped on a military card. Fitter's generals are equipped with weapons, and will get the corresponding basic attributes and special attributes added. In addition, some of the equipment also has exclusive properties. Lui Bu's ghosts us ji, Zhao's flash Dragon Liang Gun, Guan Yu's qinglong Dragon Yan month knife, all kinds of God soldiers all kinds of handsome have wood ... "View Details"

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