"Palace Exploding Granny" skill explanation and skill introduction share

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"Palace explosion Granny" Last August on the shelves of the "Palace explosion Granny" is not the first time to board the top of the list, "Old woman" is a cute cartoon style of leisure action games, Grandma has a variety of skills, we need to help grandma, with these skills to kill a chasing her children and death. The previous small series has done the evaluation of "intensive phobia patients cautiously into the" Palace of the Old Lady "demo" and "more exciting more intensive!" The first "Palace Exploding Granny" Graphic introduction "has introduced the characteristics of this game and Granny's part of the skills, this article will be the current shelves of all active, passive skills to do a full introduction, and introduced a number of small series in the trial process of experience. "The Palace explodes Granny" "The Palace Explodes Granny" Game name: the Palace explodes granny iphone version: "Click here to download" Update time: February 17, 2013 app Price: 6 CNY App size: 43.6MB
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