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Court drama "Palace" is undoubtedly the most popular TV dramas before and after the Spring Festival. and "palace" fiery broadcast, but became a video site copyright another scramble for opportunities. At the same time, let TV ratings feel a certain pressure. But the first-line video to "palace" as an opportunity to pull the site traffic, have to fight to retain users, improve network popularity, video site survival environment in the brutal competition has been rewritten.

However, the "palace" of the big heat, so that all video sites have benefited a lot, the video site clicks, user visits, Web site traffic has greatly improved. It is reported that the "palace" play in Tudou total stations up to 124 million times, the average daily search volume of up to 1.1 million times, in the Tudou ranking of mainland TV series ranked top. User comments and playback volume are an outbreak situation.

Youku is no exception. The average daily volume of the palace is over 8 million, and the total playback volume is over 57 million. In

Le video network, "palace" release for half a month, just updated to 29 episodes, on-demand volume has exceeded 130 million. As well as the major video sites have been a significant increase in traffic. According to the data provided by CNZZ, the video site's daily average of industry visitors during the Spring Festival is 17.85% higher than in January, the highest rate in all industry websites.

For the video site, the cost of the introduction of copyright is huge, but the copyright is the website profit and video site competition between the important weight. Major video web site giants in such a fierce environment, not only a high degree of sensitivity to the popular film and television plays, but also the need for the introduction of copyright costs. And capital is often the key to run-off.

At the same time, video sites need to carry huge web site traffic, the need for good stability, speed, cost-effective space or server is also the industry consensus. Therefore, the three-network integration background, video site not only need to introduce copyright, and content resources to strengthen contact, at the same time, and IDC enterprises are gradually strengthening the relationship.

For video sites, it's a huge challenge to get users to see more clearly and smoother video. The increasing demand for bandwidth applications, IDC enterprises have been continued to develop, and in turn further promote the video industry to the direction of rapid high-definition development.

The broadband server is the biggest in the video website cost composition, but the current video website and IDC Enterprise's cooperation is not smooth. Excited network CTO Wanggongguang that the operators or IDC servers to provide units of the service is uneven, the same operators in different regions of the service flow, service levels are not the same, in the fault handling, on-site support, service flow without a unified standard. In particular, it involves cross-provincial network fault handling, the communication process is cumbersome and inefficient.

However, many of the domestic excellent IDC has completed a lot of breakthroughs. China's well-known IDC network in the service process, at any time to respond to the fault request, the certificate engineer 7*24 on-site problem-solving, providing standardized service business model, such as according to user demand to build various types of Enterprise Server configuration scheme, and recently launched a series of U.S. server concessions, To meet the needs of high traffic load including video website.

Now, every stage of the popular drama will become a first-line video site for users and traffic important weight. At present, "palace" coincides with its time to become a manual of the standard, but video site traffic load too much, to retain the user must have a good space or carrying a huge flow is also self-evident the fact that if the space is not enough to replace the server. Therefore, the quality and stability of the space or the server can ensure that the user does not appear in the process of viewing the site is not stable, or open slow and so affect the user experience of the failure problem. To find a formal and provide high-quality service providers to ensure that the service is perfect and quality of security and stability.

Quality server to ensure the speed and stability of the site, but also become a good user experience important factor, at the same time, video site breakthrough traffic bottlenecks, high-quality servers are not only the catalyst and engine, but also a good user experience, the key to retain users.

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