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Absrtact: October 18, 2013, Beijing today, Microsoft's official mall in China ushered in its first birthday in China. At the same time, Microsoft China's official mall new interface online, and to invite the Asian King Pan portrait Endorsement. Microsoft Official Mall Image Ambassador Pan Cooper

October 18, 2013, Beijing-Today, Microsoft's official mall in China ushered in its first birthday in China. At the same time, Microsoft China Official mall new interface online, and to invite "Asian King" Pan portrait endorsement.

Microsoft Official Mall Image Ambassador Pan Cooper

From Surface RT's China pre-sale, Microsoft China Official Mall "Experience 0 distance" VIP party, to Microsoft China's official flagship store in the Cat, Surface Pro in the official Microsoft China Mall and the official flagship store of CAT, along with a series of milestones, the official mall has narrowed the distance between Microsoft and consumers.

"Since its inception, Microsoft's Official mall in China has been dedicated to becoming a bridge between consumers and Microsoft products and services, deepening the intimacy and trust between consumers and Microsoft," said Dr Brandon Yoon, director of Microsoft's Official mall business. On this mall's first anniversary of the opportunity, we hope that through the new mall image, richer product category and better service, for more consumers to bring a new experience. ”

Products Rich

Over the past year, Microsoft China's official mall to provide products in the gradual enrichment. From the cool Windows 8 operating system, Office software products, to the much-watched hardware and software products Surface RT Tablet PC, Windows phone 8 mobile phone, and other related PC hardware peripherals, readily available.

In addition to the growing wealth of quality products, upgraded full-service can also ensure that consumers can enjoy every consumption of the following benefits:

Get started: Microsoft China's Official mall will arrange a quick training for every customer who receives the product, so that you know our products as well as the shop staff.

Worry-free delivery: Take away the company, Microsoft China Official Mall.

Return service, enjoy the fun: with free distribution services, you will be more convenient to enjoy the product to bring you a happy time. And, regardless of the situation you need to return, Microsoft China's official mall promised to return the goods to 14 days free door-to-door. The 7x24-hour service hotline is available at any time: Microsoft China's official mall to provide full-time hotline support services for your purchases, please feel free to call.

New endorsement

Microsoft China's Official mall also invited Pan Cooper as a new spokesperson for the mall. As a super popular idol, hip hop dance Wang Pan Cypress has dabbled in many fields of performing arts, the "model worker" of worthy all-round artist, is the most important, Pan Cooper is also a "geek male", keen on technology, has its own design of the game, is Microsoft China's official mall, one of the loyal users. Pan Cooper said: "Microsoft China's official mall can let consumers experience the first time Microsoft's new products and services, easy to master the latest trends in science and technology, and the needs of the trend of the perfect fit." ”  

It is worth looking forward to, as Microsoft China Official Mall brand Image spokesperson, Pan Cooper warmly invite everyone in today-November 5, 2013 to participate in the first anniversary of the mall: During the event, shopping in the mall can participate in the lottery, winners have the opportunity to win Microsoft Surface products and Nokia Lumia mobile phones, Face-to-face communication with Pan Cypress, but also in the romantic Singapore Ferris wheel and Pan Cypress "intimate contact."

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