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Every reporter Ye Shuli from Beijing October 14, Soho China in the Shanghai land market again next city, with nearly 1.212 billion yuan from the gorgeous family to acquire the Shanghai Luwan District 43rd, 48.48% of the stake, this is the Soho China in Shanghai for the fourth time in a year enclosure operation.  14th 2:00, The daily economic news reporter was invited to attend the SOHO China Telephone press conference, Soho China chairman Pan Shiyi in response to the current rumors of the real estate tax, said that, from the point of view of the government documents, the most likely to pilot the city is the company's target to Shanghai. Interested wholly-owned acquisition of the project shares Soho China's acquisition of the Land of the Shanghai No. 43rd Kaifong Project has actually changed hands. April 15, 2003, Shanghai Grand Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Development Co., Ltd. and the Shanghai City of Midtown Group Real Estate Co., Ltd. and other 3 consortia, through public bidding to obtain 43 Kaifong Horse Road in Shanghai, 388 block land use rights. At the time of the transfer, the use of the plot is residential land. Subsequently, the three Parties for the development of the site specifically set up the project company Hongsheng property. In 2005, however, Shanghai planned rail transit line Line 13 Metro station in the neighbourhood, after consultation and the completion of the contract, the Shanghai Municipal Planning Authority agreed to transfer the contract Annex "land use conditions" the first land use from the housing formally converted into commercial office, the land use period is also adjusted for commercial use 40,  Office Space 50. August 2009, the gorgeous family wants to launch no more than 1.3 billion yuan of Non-public offering program, raise the capital of 500 million yuan, intend to buy the Royal Real Estate company held in the hands of the Hong Sheng Company stake, and has signed a related agreement, paid some cash. If all is well planned, the company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the gorgeous family after the acquisition is completed. However, in the second half of 2009 years since the real estate enterprise financing overall tightening, gorgeous family financing is also helpless.  Under the pressure of capital, the gorgeous family was forced to change the original purpose of the original operation of the plot, and the choice of joint development with Soho China.  14th, the gorgeous family announced the company announced that the company has signed an agreement with SOHO (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd. agreed to transfer 48.48% of the company's shares to Soho Shanghai, the transfer price of 1.212 billion, so as to jointly develop the site with Soho China. But in a telephone news conference, Pan said: "The company is still seeking to the original shareholder, that is, the gorgeous family to buy the remaining 51.52% of the shares, the company's goal is to buy the entire stake in the plot." But the process may be affected by various factors, however, we are confident in the future increase in shares and increase in the weight of the project operations.  "Limited purchase orders to adjust the strength of the house price is in fact, this is the fourth time in about a year since the Soho China entered Shanghai." 2009In August, Soho China acquired the Soho East Plaza on Nanjingxilu and officially entered Shanghai, and in June 2010, Soho China acquired the Waitan 204 block, and in August, it obtained the temporary 15th block of Hongqiao transport hub, and now has nearly half of the 43rd Kaifong in Luwan District.  Through 4 shots, currently Soho China has successfully laid out the 4 most prosperous and convenient commercial areas in Shanghai, such as Nanjingxilu, Waitan, Hongqiao, Huaihai Road and so on. To this, Pan Shiyi admits, this is Soho China's consistent position: "Our key development goal is Beijing and Shanghai, because these two cities ' development potential and infrastructure are much better than other cities." Especially the bustling areas of the two cities. He further explained that Soho China's understanding of the bustling area must be at the transport hub, such as the company's first project in Shanghai Donghai Square is located in Shanghai 7th, 2nd and 14th Metro Line Junction; the rest of the Waitan 204 plots, the temporary space 15th block and the newly acquired Luwan District, No. 43rd,  are located at the traffic junction. At the press conference, Pan Shiyi also issued his own views on the current regulation of two times. In his view, the current policy is only the implementation of the new Deal in April, in essence, not much new ideas. The most central issue of house prices is the supply relationship, if the land supply is a little more open, to meet the needs of China's urbanization process, and the market is not particularly mobile, housing prices will naturally come down, if the market has been high liquidity, and each city's land plan has not been completed, rely on the current such as the purchase order and other ancillary policies,  The power to regulate house prices is limited. As for the two-time regulation of the focus of policy on property tax, Pan Shiyi that the Shanghai municipal government issued the "Shanghai 12" rules, and Beijing has implemented the policy, only the real estate tax is not the same, that is, the Shanghai government will actively carry out the real estate tax pilot, so single from the point of view of government documents, if the real estate tax to start the pilot, The most likely pilot city at the moment is Shanghai.
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