Pan Shiyi: The property market is more like flour than bread

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Hot turnover and the "new king" constantly refresh events, May herald a new rally in Beijing house prices.  July 1, the reporter according to Beijing Real estate transaction Management network data statistics, June 1-30th Beijing Residential Auction online signed up to 14341 sets, excluding affordable housing, such as housing, the number of contracts compared to May rebounded nearly 3.8%. Meanwhile, the first half of 2009 Beijing second-hand housing more to achieve breakthrough growth. According to the Beijing Municipal Construction Institute published data statistics, the last half of Beijing second-hand housing turnover has reached about 99,500 sets, close to 100,000 sets. "Analysts at the Chain Home property market Research department said.  This data has more than 10 years of Beijing second-hand housing transactions, the highest level of 94305 (2007 full year), has created a record volume in the second half.  And, this data and the first half of 2008 less than 40,000 sets of turnover compared to 155% or so, compared with the 74,000 sets of annual turnover in 2008, its rise is still about 35%.  More ferocious is the land market in Beijing.  In a short span of 5 days, has created 1.74 billion, 1.96 billion, 4.06 billion "a wave high over a wave" of the three sky-high king. "The new king will certainly push up the surrounding house prices.  Mr Pan Shiyi, chairman of Soho China, with nearly 30 billion yuan in capital, lamented the defeat after the King's bid.  His reason is very simple: 4.06 billion of the Canton Canal Road 15th, the floor price has reached 16,000 yuan/square meters (excluding the construction of low-cost housing, nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, as well as the park after the area), which has exceeded the average price of the surrounding houses. According to its disclosure, Soho China originally estimated the limit to accept the unit price is 14,000 yuan/square meters, the total price of 3.54 billion yuan. Finally, "in order to win this land, decided to increase the unit price of 1000 yuan/square meters, that is 15,000 yuan/square meters, the total price of about 3.8 billion yuan."  Pan Shiyi confessed that he had twice bitten his lips in the agreement with the company's executives.  He said that the Kwong Qu Road, No. 15th, "King" of the production of its weeks and even Beijing's housing prices have a strong upward-driving role. "At present, the price of flour is higher than the price of bread" phenomenon, the result is ' bread ' will definitely increase prices. Pan Shiyi admits that the bubble in the Beijing land market has indeed appeared.
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