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According to Cisco's research data, it is expected that by 2015, 69% of Americans will have more than five networked devices, and networked devices will use up to 15 billion units.

With the rapid development of intelligent equipment, we have more and more electronic products connected to the Internet. At the IDF 2012 Information Technology Summit this year, Yang, global vice president and China president of Intel Corporation, said in his opening remarks that this year's keywords include: collaboration, innovation, PC, personal computing, data center, interconnection, cloud computing, etc. And highlights the interconnection, personal computing and cloud computing. Thus, a new era of digital interconnection has arrived.

Smart devices drive the development of the Internet and data centers, but explosive growth also brings with it many problems in terms of management and resource allocation. In the face of more and more complex problems, cloud computing emerged. Since the beginning of three years ago, cloud computing in China's voice on the ground, at the same time it vendors have launched their own solutions to accelerate cloud implementation. At present, a considerable number of large and medium-sized enterprises have begun to apply the private cloud and mixed cloud, and the public cloud project for small enterprises began to start.

As the main driving force of cloud computing, what are the cloud computing cases for IT companies to share? This time we have the honor to please the Dong Weishi Technology Group president of the company, the following to understand the development of domestic cloud computing it.

Domestic cloud computing is maturing

At present, cloud computing is in China's take-off phase and is being accepted and used by more and more government agencies and businesses, according to Dong. On the one hand, the government-led cloud computing development strategy, Beijing "Xiangyun plan", Inner Mongolia "grassland Silicon Valley" cloud computing Planning, Shanghai "Sea of Clouds Plan" and so on launched. On the other hand, domestic and foreign manufacturers to rob the future huge cloud computing market, have increased investment in cloud computing, Google, Microsoft, IBM and domestic Huawei, wave, Pao and other manufacturers to make full use of their advantages, integrated upstream and downstream industry resources, have launched their own cloud computing system overall solution, "cloud computing War "is in full swing in China.

Cloud computing enables rapid deployment

Speaking of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, Dong said, Cloud computing is based on Internet network, unified planning management and dynamic scheduling of various ICT information resources, through virtualization to achieve it resource sharing, a new way of computing to provide users with services. Its main features include:

Resource pooling Management: Rapid deployment, flexibility, automated management, on-demand services, effectively improve it resource utilization and reduce operational costs.

Services can be measured: service providers in accordance with the user's use of billing, effectively shorten the expansion cycle.

Extensive network access: without deploying hardware and software, cloud Platform computing resources and applications can be obtained via the Internet.


Data security: Due to the centralized storage and scheduling of resource data, the security management of data has become an urgent problem to be solved in the development of cloud computing, and the stability, usability and service quality of the platform are the obstacles in the development of cloud computing.

Cloud computing Unified Standards: The current cloud computing providers, the lack of a unified development of cloud computing norms and standards, it is difficult to form the industrial scale and industrial cluster effect.

Pao first entered the cloud era

With cloud computing blossoming in the country, Pao also entered the cloud ERA in the first time. According to Dong, Pao after more than 15 years of development, has now grown into the top three domestic servers, China's cloud computing elite enterprises. Pao to increase the research and development of cloud computing, including cloud Server (independent research and development of self-reliance series and Mission Hills series of dense computing cloud platform), cloud storage, increase the integration of upstream and downstream industry chain, the introduction of cloud computing---powercloud, unique cloud five-tier architecture Maas, IaaS (, PaaS, SaaS and CaaS provide cutting-edge cloud computing products, services, and holistic solutions for the government, Internet, education, broadcasting, security, finance, telecommunications, taxation, transportation, power and healthcare industries.

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