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Any product, any definition of a product is a beta version, in iterations, no product can achieve perfection, but when the product is more perfect than a critical value to the satisfaction of most people, it is not a necessary value for people to use, this phase of the product will meet three conditions, The first is to meet the needs of users, for their own competitive barriers, for the company investors have a clear business prospects.

For the concept of products, it is also difficult to give the product a specific definition, 1000 product managers have 1000 different product concepts. In addition, the development of things is also dynamic, the past, now, in the future, the product manager's work all the time change, corresponding to their understanding of the product has always been dynamic. So any product, any definition of the product is beta, constantly in the iteration, no product can achieve perfection.

But when the product is more perfect than a critical value to the satisfaction of most people, it is not a necessary value for people to use. This phase of the product will meet three conditions, first of all, for users to meet their needs, for their own competitive barriers to the company investors have a clear business prospects.

Products meet the needs of users

Any pioneering projects in advance are found in the demand, and in accordance with the lean entrepreneurial approach, in a short period of time, limited resources to develop products, and in the window to quickly expand the product to the market, thus filling the gap in the market. Whether it's an Internet product or a product in a traditional industry, you follow this idea. However, this is the most ideal demand evolution model, otherwise there will be no failure of the product.

We can make a detailed demand analysis model, we can also get the market data, to prove how reliable their ideas. At the same time, it can be clear that the target user's various characteristics, from the sex age industry education level behavior habits of all expected reports, you can estimate the extent of the market demand to calculate the size of the market, as well as its continuity and other requirements of all characteristics.

We define the target users and assume that our products can meet their needs. This is just a confirmation that our idea is OK, and that all content in the business plan is hypothetical until there is no user. No user of any hypothetical demand is empty, no users do not need, no demand does not product.

Competitive barriers to products

The product is not dead, or has been able to maintain a high share in the market, no doubt because there are high barriers to competition. We are familiar with the technology of Baidu through the formation of barriers; Tencent creates barriers through the chain of acquaintances; Youku and other video sites form barriers through copyright, while American groups form barriers through capital, while in many entrepreneurial projects, because of the vertical subdivision of their own three-acre business, by creating some small and beautiful products, In a particular region or territory or gradually encroach on the giants of the land.

All these barriers are for the circle of people, because there are enough users to support, to provide users with the best search experience, so that users can not be separated from the site, to provide users with a unique and easy to communicate with acquaintances place, to provide users with the latest and only video is to create value for users, It is also the most important reason for users to choose to stay in a product. All competitive advantages and unique resources are to better serve the users, no users without barriers, no barriers do not product.

Not to make money for the purpose of entrepreneurship are bullying

In the beginning, because of the ideal, because of hobbies, because of enthusiasm to plunge into the wave of entrepreneurship. When there is a brother, and began to be responsible for them, the ideal can not be eaten as food.

You have to find a way to make money, a promising business model. Whether it is an entrepreneur with a clear business model or a forward-looking window-looking person, making money is always the most practical issue in the future and the most forced solution. With a lot of loyal active users, began to have the wrong space, began to find the basis for business model, can be verified in a number of users and the accumulation of data, has been a successful half, the next is to melt more money to replicate this model.

But the business model is no doubt the relationship between the user experience is the fish and Bear's paw, but can find a balance between each other. The business model is based on the user, while also looking for a balance between the profit and the user experience, so that the product let the team become more promising. To find the right balance between profit and user experience, this is also responsible for the user, you can make a user like products, is really limited to make money and bankruptcy liquidation, is undoubtedly the user is very cruel thing? All this is very close to the user, no user business model, no business model, product logic is certainly not tenable.

So the final foothold of the three elements of the product is the user, the user operation of the whole product can be imagined.


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