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Yesterday to find a part-time, to help a company (Chongqing a small "> Culture Communication Company, is doing what cloth, I do not understand) of the website to promote, The boss is to see the flow of money, I said a standard, calculate, one months down to be able to have 500 yuan income bar, good, my meal.

I already have a full-time job, but I have a tight hand and I have to pay the bank money, so I can't find another part-time. I've known this man before. The boss is a woman, I have to apply before, but because the art is not successful. Now ask her to do part-time SEO, she finally agreed.

Current traffic on her website she says it's 100-300 a day, but I just went in and looked at it, averaging 98 a day. I suddenly fainted. Yesterday I told her four stages, different stages, different pay. Flow rate 500-1000, 300, 1000-2000, 500, 2000-4000, 900 block, 4000-5000, 1100 block. Then I counted from yesterday, August 1 to see the flow, the average of these one months. How much to give.

Long ago began to study SEO, but has not been in-depth, this time for one months of hundreds of dollars, no way, have to do ah. My plan is to get at least 500 bucks on August 1, or I'd rather not do it. Originally this company is now very tired every day, overtime.

But this site is also more difficult to do, is the enterprise station, you say one day who came to see your company what ah? Unless it is shenzhou out of a new computer is very cheap people go to Shenzhou to see. Besides, she is a cultural communications company, what is good.

Hey, annoyed. For hundreds of pieces, write so much, everyone to see it, but that station is really a bit of rubbish, nothing. This article is supplied by

Compiling comments: Experience is also a part of life, that is, improve their knowledge level and combat skills, and gain a part of the income, 8630.html "> sometimes gained more valuable experience than the money obtained."
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