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Yesterday a friend let me go to the Webmaster network to start the third Search Engine optimization competition (referred to as the Valley Hundred Excellent), after considering the analysis, immediately registered a new domain name After a series of good work, search engine in 6 hours or so included my new site. Below is a detailed record and some sentiment ~ ~

In a hurry to put the site home, level Two page can only slowly on, because I know and Master Search Engine optimization contest is like a race against time. Take the opportunity to seize all the time. I think time is important for marketing. If you let your opponent take the initiative, it means you've lost the first step.

After the space to see the keyword density: the main keyword: Valley hundred Excellent, just the beginning of the density is 7.4%, a bit high but still in the standard range, the ideal is to be able to 4% or so. By adjusting, the density is finally set at 4%. Title and description also thought for a long time, changed to go. Try it first ~

Then is to do outside the chain, first to blog propaganda. The choice of this blog I think we all know: The search engine is often updated and the weight of high. Then the existing site also put the link, and then find a friend of the site also do, here really feel them, really. So support so selfless dedication ~ ~ Have the opportunity to buy you a drink.

Then do not dare to have too much action, because it is just on the station, afraid of being the search engine think optimization over. In fact, I still have a lot of ways to optimize, but to slowly, I will not be here to write articles and analysis of my experience, I hope friends to join.

Last night, a sleep, up a check, search engine has a snapshot, or 6 hours. Just a little excited, and then Google a check Valley hundred excellent 3 words, the original site of many masters have been ranked in the front. Finally feel the pressure, but nothing, because I reckon than they.

A day later began. Oh ~ This is the importance of time opportunity.

The third search engine Optimization competition Special Exchange Forum:

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