Pass Hui send 999 roses to Sammi again to lift compound said

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Koo, Sammi Hong Kong gossip Weekly, the Lunar New Year holiday Hui has booked 999 roses through a close friend to send a woman on Valentine's Day, so that repeated the combination of Hui and Sammi compound said again.  The friend asked him whether the bouquet of flowers was given to Sammi, and he xiaoerbuda. Last week Sammi and Koo together to attend the unscoped activities of the new play, was asked if there is no on home, she smiled and said: "I go to other people's home all day, everywhere." She was reluctant to respond to the Hui flowers she received. After a barrage of questioning, she finally to the side of the Koo for help, behold the old boy coldly: "What about me?" Ask her. "Sammi Helpless, transfer topic refers to their own teeth, at this time Gouzai again step on many feet:" is not to go home to eat rice cakes too much ah? Sammi the smile to remind him to speak carefully. Later Gouzai lament Valentine's Day in the work, Sammi immediately said: "I have about Valentine's Day not to start." She was asked to ask for a dentist appointment.
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