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"This is my own brewed wine, how does it taste?" "Everyone comes forward, Prudential and wine boss Bai Wenli always smile to the paper cup poured some white wine, let him taste a taste." Bai Wenli home in Guizhou Maotai Town has its own winery. This wine is made of glutinous rice and wheat, pure grain wine, tunnels do not say, the price is reasonable, and there will be no trouble with fake wine. Looking at the guests first smack, repeatedly said, Bai Wenli is happy to bloom. January 4, in the Patriot Integrity Alliance Whampoa 12, as a good faith business, Prudential and wine industry for free to get a booth. It is understood that "Patriot Integrity Alliance" since the Huangpu phase of more than 30 people, the second phase of more than 50 people, eight 400来 people, nine period of 600 people ... An average growth of 60% per more than 10 days. With the participation of more and more people, some honest business after the approval, you can display booth in the venue, publicity and promote their integrity brand and integrity services, can also carry out promotional activities such as bonus points. An entrepreneur tasted Bai Wenli hold over the drink said: "Very fragrant, fast catch Maotai!" The client and Bai Wenli agreed to buy a few pounds of wine in the afternoon. But in the afternoon, because the road is far, Bai Wenli can not wait, had to withdraw the booth back to Tongzhou, but has been thinking about the customer, afraid of losing faith. Fortunately, the client later contacted them through the online platform of the Patriot Integrity Alliance. Bai Wenli once lamented: The bouquet is also afraid of the alley deep. To further promote the promotion of their own wine, a year ago Bai Wenli in Beijing Tongzhou opened a distribution point. But it's not easy to use the traditional way of selling to get more people to smell the wine. Just a few months ago, often to her wine booth to buy wine famous painter Chang revealed, Good township has a liquor called Ching Changming, in the internet to sell liquor, heard that sales very well. Bai Wenli to the good township, Ching Changming said he is the Patriot Integrity Alliance City-level partners, have a root two-dimensional code, in the Patriot Integrity Alliance Exchange area also sell some wine. Ching Changming said for a long time, but the network is very unfamiliar Bai Wenli or listen to confused. But one thing struck her--Ching Changming said he put 200 bottles of wine into the O2O Online Mall of the Patriot Integrity Alliance, and it didn't take long for some customers to get away with the business. Bai Wenli thought, I also put 200 Jin wine to try, may also open the market. In Ching Changming's referral, Bai Wenli found the Patriot Integrity Alliance, attended the HUANGPU training they held. Although Bai Wenli feel their efforts to promote the O2O model is very good, can face some network terminology is always a bit confused. Fortunately, the Patriot Alliance of Good faith union staff patiently give her advice, hands-on teaching, Bai Wenli finally some progress. Bai Wenli want to join the Patriot Integrity Alliance, but met the big son Shin opposition, Shin remind her don't let people sell still help number money. In Shandong University of Finance and Economics, the youngest son of E-commerce Rui, the new model is very optimistic, he encouraged the mother Bai Wenli with the Patriot Alliance platform to do a good game. With the support of the party, Bai Wenli no longerYu, decisively joined the Patriot Integrity Alliance. Soon thereafter, her wine was also in the redemption area. One Night 9 o'clock, an exchange of her wine customers go to her shop to take goods, Bai Wenli do not know how to use the mobile phone verification, hesitated or through the bangs slipped the phone. Let her gratified is, the fringe slip immediately enthusiastic to help her solve the problem, and told her at any time have problems can find her advice. According to Bai Wenli, Patriot Integrity Union staff no matter what problems are not tired, late service is also very in place, their only up to the primary four grade, and these people deal with the process of really no less learning things. Bai Wenli The integrity of the wine industry to join the League One months after their own fans come to the shop redemption, after tasting her liquor many will then buy the corresponding amount of white wine. A customer after a bottle of 100 yuan of white wine, all of a sudden bought 1000 yuan of wine! Bai Wenli Sales Model is no longer limited to the local physical store sales, but also more of this broader platform and a wide range of sales channels. What makes Bai Wenli feel more valuable is that Patriot Integrity Alliance is like a large network of dense weaving, every good faith business and fans are like a link point, as a family, to the integrity of the connection, to love connected, truly mutual assistance, holding a team win, on the fake 0 tolerance. Bai Wenli initial taste of the sweetness, but the big son Shin to this model still some not believe. For the worries and concerns of the shin, Bai Wenli also understands that everyone has a different view and acceptance of a new thing. In her constant persuasion and persuasion, Shin with her mother came to Huangpu 12, listen to the scene of the Patriot Group Chairman Feng, the model finally has a more direct understanding and trust. Shin In an interview, said the feeling is not bad, since become a Patriot Integrity Alliance, we will borrow "potential" and for the early to let more people smell their own bouquet. Small booth, one side is bouquet, side is fragrant. Book painter Chang help people in the end, deliberately to the scene to write the way to assist: as long as the sale of a catty of wine, a piece of calligraphy. Chang is Hebei Guan people, Traditional Chinese medicine family, is now a member of the Chinese Painting and calligraphy Association. Bai Wenli also revealed that she has been with the Patriot Alliance agreement, the youngest son Rui in the winter holiday will attend the Huangpu training, to use their help mother to learn. For this kind of mutual help, everyone hug the pattern, Bai Wenli is more and more confident, she thinks, to do things well not only in the level of education, and in the ability to accept new things how strong, and in the help of their own number of people.
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