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In the face of the Chinese automobile consumer market, which still emphasizes the price-performance ratio and the channel of competition, it will be a big test of the next stage to pay attention to the design and experience of the car like floating in the clouds, how to fall and take root in this market.

"The minimum price is $119,000." ”

November 21, when the 6-year view of the grinding sword finally announced at the Guangzhou Auto Show its first mass production model view of 3 of the parameters and prices, the booth around a whisper.

There are two points of view: Some people are surprised to take such a pragmatic pricing strategy for branding the brand into high-end internationalization in the previous propaganda period; others think the 119,900 to 167,900 yuan instruction Price lets the view of the first car to kill into the domestic auto market capacity of the largest, The most competitive segments, at this price, target rivals including VW, Ford New Fox, Chevrolet, and the strong brands that have sold out in the last month.

"The choice of more than 100,000 price of consumers are price-sensitive, since at this price has been quick Teng, fox and many other mature joint brand, who will take the risk of choosing a channel is not mature and has not yet proved their own new domestic brand?" A man at the conference was muttering.

It is true that in China's automotive consumer market is still the objective background of the king, the concept of the opponent is not locked into other domestic models, but directly choose to challenge the market has long been very mature mainstream medium-level car brand, it does need enough boldness and courage, Behind this bold pricing strategy is a view of the strong confidence in its products.

The view of the emboldened

6 years ago, in announcing the opening of the concept of the cause of the time, the view of chairman Guo Yan once shouted out "The world also needs a new car brand?" "-In an autonomous brand car, it is more like a technology company, and what they do from birth is not to follow, but to subvert."

Compared with the traditional self-branded cars, the concept of the design and manufacture of products from the outset is based on European standards. Because the view of the shareholders do not have the relevant experience, which instead of the brand is not a burden, so the choice of a pool of world-renowned enterprises to create new products. and employs 95% of the world's top supplier companies, including Steyr, Trina, mainland China, Bosch and Valeo.

View to have a luxurious international executive team: Vice Chairman Shi Qingren (Volker steinwascher) has been the North American Volkswagen Automotive executive vice president and the German public senior leadership; Design Executive Director He Ge (Gert Hildebrand), former BMW Mini design Director Vehicle Engineering Executive Director Schko (KLAUSSCHMIDT) has been working in BMW for nearly 30 years before he joined the concept of the car.

The dream of these foreign executives to reinvent their cars, coupled with the view that Chinese executives are pursuing their own brands, has long been expected when there are no cars or brands.

"3 years ago, we talked to the media about our business, then many people stare big Eyes said:" To do a group of office buildings, please a few foreigners, is to engage in cars, is it true? Two years ago we issued a brand, people said, it seems that this group of people are quite sincere, it looks like a more worthwhile to pursue the cause. Six months ago we took the sample car to the Geneva motor show, to get the Shanghai auto Show aroused widespread concern, we think that the concept of the car is really a very international stylish. But what about the car, is a mule is a horse also have to take out for a walk. When he said that, Guo Yan, chairman of the car, was smug.

Guo Yan's self-confidence is justified.

During the Geneva motor Show earlier this year, the view was praised by European public opinion. Not only on the Geneva Motor Show magazine cover, but also won the Geneva Motor Show "Best concept car Award."

The point of view is not just the concept. In one of the most important safety aspects of a car, October 2013, 3 in the European NCAP test scored 5 stars, this is the 2013 highest score, the history of the 2nd high score.

And in the design of the car, the concept of 3 of the shape Design director He Ge (Gert Volker Hildebrand) is a former BMW mini designer, he for the view of the first model has laid a steady, introverted design style, the details of the place is not publicity but rather attentively.

Regarding the channel and the capacity, the view to the automobile market and the sales Executive Director Wis Fan discloses, the view causes the automobile Changshu production base the initial annual output approximately 150,000 vehicles, in the future will ascend to 300,000 vehicles. In the construction of channels, the 4S shops in Nanjing and Changsha have been opened, and the distribution of distributors will be completed by the end of the year in 10 major cities nationwide.

The view of the cloud

If the idea of the importance of security and the channel of exerting force is to meet the basic needs of the car market, do not lose to competitors, then the view of the platform is the concept of the company's hope for the automotive industry to bring the new elements of ambition.

Objectively speaking, the network of exploration vehicles has more than 10 years of history in the automobile manufacturers, but unlike some luxury car manufacturers around the concept of car networking test water, as a popular medium-end car, a view of 3 of the Yu Yun of the great efforts to integrate, trying to create a new driving fun, for the automotive industry to bring some fresh elements.

The view to Chairman Guo Yan on many occasions has proposed "the hope that the car is not just from point A to point B of the means of transport, but can exceed the fun of driving." "In the view of Wis Fan, the executive director of the auto market and sales, the pleasure of exceeding driving comes from the owner's control of information, including" Listening to good music in the car at any time while driving, and avoiding congestion after knowing ahead of the traffic. "Find people not many but very tasty restaurants, It's easier to find an empty parking lot and so on. ”

"Yi Yun" based on Microsoft Windows Azure Public cloud Platform, integrated entertainment, navigation, communication and vehicle monitoring tools, the choice of Azure, both to see the Volvo commercial vehicles in Europe with the use of this platform has achieved great success, and the technical stability of the cloud platform has been a large commercial fleet test , and above all, the cloud platform is the only cloud network that covers the entire region of Europe and China.

The main features of the view-induced cloud include cloud navigation, Cloud Butler and cloud sharing 3 main functional modules.

As the most used navigation function in the vehicle system, the concept of Yi Yun and TomTom Cooperative development, including voice navigation, real-time road navigation and local practical information functions. Users can use the "toilet time" in front of the door, in advance through mobile phones, computers and other mobile Equipment planning itinerary, when the car inside, planned in advance through the clouds synchronized to the car screen. According to the schedule, the hand opportunity receives the departure reminder, the parking spot to the destination walk route and so on information.

In addition, users can not only the common route collection in the cloud, but also through the computer set personal interest preferences, such as the type of restaurant like, hotel star, etc. after storing to the cloud system, the inside of the car display only shows the interest point that matches the preference, and then plan the route.

Cloud Butler is a practical functional module outside the route planning. It can not only solve the vehicle monitoring and warranty, (through the car display or mobile phone and owner's website and other channels, at any time, including tire pressure, maintenance status, such as vehicle information, receive vehicle maintenance and repair tips and booking services with 4S) at the same time the owner can also be based on personal status of the Once the vehicle leaves the set area, the system will send alerts to the owner immediately.

Cloud sharing is an attempt to visualize the social realm. Not only does it include more social navigation, but it also builds a social network between the owners of the cloud-aware account, which has far-reaching implications for future marketing and better understanding of consumer preferences.

Unlike the previously closed and cautious car network, the system is closer to an open platform based on cars. In the view of the automotive market and sales Executive Director Wis Fan, the biggest beauty of the platform is the scalability of services, based on the cloud platform, the future view of the car cloud services will be constantly updated and iterative, which is precisely the same price other car brands can not achieve.

Of course, if you look at the view of the system from the perspective of the Internet, it's more like a 1.0-version attempt to build a car cloud service, and it's very versatile because it's not as aggressive as it is with practicality and technology maturity, or as the sync AppLink platform that Ford showed at CES, Turn the car into an open platform for Internet-facing applications. In the pursuit of scientific and technological experience at the same time, the concept of more consideration is the practicality and comfort of driving. But the idea of the attempt and its "beyond the driving Experience" is actually in the automotive industry to inject a fresh force, this more emphasis on interactive experience of product thinking will also promote the automotive industry user experience to a deeper level forward.

For China's auto market, view in the cloud, not only in view of the use of the cloud will be the car and the internet to make a bold connection, but also in the face of the emphasis on cost-effective, competition channels of China's automotive consumer market, pay attention to design, advocating experience of the car like floating in the clouds, how can landing and rooted in Will be a bigger test in the next phase.

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