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When you want to build a private cloud, choosing the right cloud software is what you have to do. You need to consider the important issue of business objectives and existing virtualization technologies and the compatibility of future cloud software.

Most businesses view private clouds as an extension of public cloud services. The concept of mixed clouds is to combine at least one public cloud with at least one local (on-premises) private Cloud Bridge to build a more resilient set of resources to run applications on. Open source IaaS vendors Eucalyptus and Opennebula and EC2 use the same management APIs to facilitate the connection between the public cloud and the private cloud. The hybrid cloud of many businesses connects to Amazon EC2, so choosing a cloud platform boils down to compatibility issues.

In order for your private cloud to work, all servers in the cloud resource pool are compatible; the server should use the same virtualization software, run on comparable hardware, and have virtual machines (VMS) configured similarly. If a private cloud's virtual server is divided into smaller systems, the resource allocation is not effective, and the cloud may not provide any benefit on simple virtualization.

But not all virtualization platforms match cloud software. If your company is using only a virtualized platform and the platform does not work with the selected cloud software or does not support all applications or client OS, you may need to make changes. Many cloud software providers support Xen and its diverse styles, meaning that more user experience is available and more tools are available to support Xen based clouds. KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V are also as widely supported as VMware, although some VMware products have little community support.

If you use an extra virtualization platform, choose the cloud vendor that supports all applications and client OS that you run, as well as any new applications and OS you expect to operate in the IAAS environment.

Why cloud applications dictate the IAAS option

More and more companies are choosing to build specific cloud applications rather than moving existing applications to the cloud. So in the IaaS platform, they have more options for cloud software, like OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Opennebula, Red hat and VMware, as well as a professional cloud platform.

Hadoop is a kind of architecture based on distributed network data model, which is more popular in specialized platform. This architecture allows cloud applications to pull data from multiple locations rather than from the central power.

OpenStack is quite tolerant of the underlying virtualization package, Opennebula is relatively small, eucalyptus between the two. Matching Hadoop with virtualization software may require additional planning and boot testing. Hadoop does not dominate virtualization in its nodes, so it does not provide specific guidance for work.

OpenStack seems to have the most momentum in private cloud software products designed to develop virtual datacenter resources. Its developer activities are powerful in creating converged development and cloud operations or devops areas. This can be a key benefit in building new cloud applications, but it also strengthens the ability to manage existing applications in a private cloud. Even business people to use the cloud platform may want to see if these emerging tools support existing cloud choices.

The virtual machine (VM) resource pool is a powerful and versatile way to support the IaaS model, but it is not the only way. Other virtualization strategies that use the operating system level may be more applicable to some applications. This is ideal when the goal is to use a private cloud for specific application to the cloud mapping.

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