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Everyone good, I was struggling, today a bit idle time, the day before yesterday I in a local station operation group of chat records sorted out, hope for everyone useful.

Operation of local stations, is to do everything to do a good job online and offline interaction, the value of the site to maximize the embodiment and profit from it. The promotion of local stations basically everyone will send leaflets as one of the ways. In fact, the leaflets are also skilled, make good, the effect is very good, do not good, will have a negative impact. It is difficult to talk about cooperation with businessmen when there are some places where leaflets are sent out. I reckon there are some details of the things did not notice: 1, the leaflet is beautiful. A rough publicity sheet and a beautiful leaflet the gap between the two is very large, rough-made leaflets, some people will think that your quality is not very good 2, the staff to send leaflets should also pay attention to the image. Can not find a few buddies, dyed yellow hair, smoking, wearing slippers to send leaflets, so the image of the site also has a certain impact. The above two points enough to make the business of a strange web site has been disgusted.

When you talk with the merchant, you should visit, and according to the time arrangement of the merchant, you can not set the time. Because businesses often have a lot of things to deal with, if we set the time, it is often not as scheduled appointment. And we do the local station, running business is taken for granted. When the merchant asked me when to go, so often can and merchants encounter noodles, in 5 minutes to let business interests in your project. Because the merchant is more busy, even if his busy thing is to sleep. The initial site does not have visibility, can only be all for the sake of customers, businesses can not listen to a humble web site business to "RIP"; The user is God forever, the water can carry the boat also to overturn.

Wang in the writing is very good: details determine success or failure. Do local station pay attention to is a professional, do not seek all-inclusive, only small and fine, small do not good, let alone talk big. Learn to be willing when necessary. Willing to give up, there is a lot! If you are now in the local station more columns, maintenance but not reluctantly gave up some columns, then two or three years, I think you should still this look, perhaps worse than now.

I would also like to say a few words: 1. What users need most. 2. But there is not necessarily a market for demand. 3. To always recognize their own strength, do things must not be greater than their own strength. 4. Website operation is a science and art. 5. Whether you are suitable for network. 6. Consider any competitor as a learner, and you are a step closer to success. If you understand these words, do it, even if you start again. If I can't read it, I can't.

About domain name I also want to nag a few words. The domain name is best not limited. For example, our local call oil field, I used the pinyin of the oil field. Everyone has said well, then he is not good. The future of the site to develop, extended to other regions, the site must be named after the region is more affinity, then there are limitations. To change the domain name and name. This is tantamount to reshaping a brand. Early must heth, do not want to do, but now do is a county, if you want to big, a county is not enough. To the surrounding area spread, I photographed the record of the domain name is: residents network if you want to be more appropriate, can be called: the future expansion of the oil field residents to other counties, can use the two domain name, you can use So-and-so resident net. There is no area limit. In addition, now the new system for the record to take pictures, but not as complex as imagined, the authority of the audit is much faster than before.

Time is limited, talk so much first. Practice the truth, and so on to make some achievements, and then to share and explore. I qq:10880377 welcome to discuss the exchange.

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