Pay-pass termination with Alipay payment of utilities

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NetEase Science and technology news June 30, in response to the announcement of this morning pay-pass, "pay-pass termination for Alipay channel to provide public utilities billing business," Alipay official afternoon, Alipay said that the Alipay has been with other companies have cooperated, Most of the users in Shanghai have not been affected by the use of Alipay, only Shanghai Chongming Water Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qingpu Water Co., Ltd., Shanghai QINGPU Gas management Three institutions of users can not use Alipay payment.

This morning, the pay-side said that since 2009, paid access to Alipay channels to open public utilities billing business, but the recent frequent public utility transfers mechanism billing system, pay access EBPP system channel congestion, server downtime and so on. After investigation, is because Alipay directly initiated (non-user initiated) a large number of high-frequency billing inquiries. The payment to pay treasure to put forward solemn representations, but then the incident continues to occur, affecting the payment and other channels of real bill trading process, to pay the normal business has a significant impact, and pay-pass related rights and interests are seriously violated, goodwill suffered serious losses. To this end, the company decided to terminate the payment of treasure channels to provide public service billing channel business.

The Alipay side of the deal countered, saying that the "large number of high-frequency billing inquiries" referred to by the pay-pass aspect was a reform that had been carried out since 2011, not recently, and said " Recently, there has been no explosive growth in the amount of public service payment in Shanghai.


Alipay also said that it will continue to provide payment services to the public utilities of the utilities in Shanghai by cooperating with other partners. (Strict

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