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This May, a good friend accidentally uploaded his photos to the Internet "http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/26615.html" > Tianya, but from then on, Sichuan Normal University College of Economics sophomore Li Chongcong life quickly changed: netizens soon he brushed into the "Tianya Reds", "National School Grass" and "folk handsome." Subsequently, he was the powerful "human Flesh search" published the address, QQ number and telephone number ... In the face of the powerful network forces such "flattering", Li Chongcong feel a bit not adapt.

Li Chongcong in line with the golden rule?

Li Chongcong

Network Fire School Grass Li Chongcong fans called "green onion"

"Look at the eyes, the nose, the eyebrows and the skin, it's perfect!" "As long as there are Li Chongcong photos, the Internet will follow the words of a large overflow, and some boast he looks like Chen Haoming, such as Wu Zun and other handsome stars, and some say he does not need to like who, he is the most handsome." Netizens split his picture with the elliptic standard equation, the conclusion is: according to the Golden Division law--LCC face width is about 0.618, the nose width is about 0.618, the nasal tip, the distance between the eyes, the eyebrows just fall on each point ... "All is such a coincidence".

Now open the computer, no matter in Baidu, Google what kind of search engine type LCC or "Li Chongcong" three words, can search out hundreds of thousands of information about him, like all the stars, he has his own fan group-"green onion." "Chopped green onion" has been established by his name of the post bar, often gathered together to upload, discuss, burst material. Every photo-walking in school, napping in class, playing on the playground ... Can cause a swift chase. Soon, these photos are circulated in various websites.

Pcpop Everyone is more familiar with, a PC hardware and digital product information, including quotes, use evaluation and shopping Guide information website. Generally such portals are search engine more favored object, for Baidu is so, a small page of the portal is also more than a lot of independent site weight is much higher.

In this case, what role does Pcpop play, and what does it have to do with Li Chongcong, look at the following figure:


Pcpop inside an article title is: Li Chongcong not it handsome HP business Ben 6520 down 200

Hewlett-Packard Business can also be linked with Li Chongcong, have to say, this is the result of SEO training. If other portal editors also imitate words, perhaps search the list of words are returned to the portal, personal webmaster Liantong have no drink.

Author: Lan Shang seo Team-Chushda

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