Peer-to-peer risk information sharing system expected to be online early next year

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Every journalist Zhu Dandan from Beijing

One side is peer-to-peer network lending industry turnover, while the lack of credit system, platform and fraud problems emerge, and thus hampered the healthy development of the industry.

December 6, Suzhen, Deputy Secretary-General of China's payment and liquidation association, said in the "3721.html" >2014 Internet financial Innovation and Supervision Forum, the Internet Financial Professional Committee is studying Peer-to-peer network loan risk information sharing system, plans to launch early next year to provide information services to industry enterprises.

In this respect, a number of industry insiders on the "Daily economic news" Reporter said that at present, Peer-to-peer platform can not access the central bank's credit information base database, which directly restricts peer-to-peer in credit evaluation, loan pricing and risk management and other aspects of efficiency, increased transaction costs, and online Peer-to-peer network loan risk information sharing system, Help the platform to improve the borrowing efficiency and wind control level.

Improve the level of wind control for net loan platform

All along, the enhancement of their own credit capacity is seen as an important part of Peer-to-peer platform development, although many platforms through third-party security companies to develop related business, but unsustainable. Therefore, many people in the industry are actively calling on Peer-to-peer platform access to the central bank's credit system to achieve the communication between different industries.

"At present, Peer-to-peer Network loan platform can not access the central bank's credit information base database, can not directly query the customer's credit information, which makes some peer-to-peer enterprises have to upload data, but also wired under the traditional way to investigate the customer review, and accordingly determine the customer's credit rating and transaction rates, This approach reduces the quality and efficiency of the review, increases transaction costs, and makes it difficult to guarantee the authenticity of the information. Suzhen said in the above forum.

Suzhen suggested that we should set up a sound industry risk information sharing mechanism to enhance the overall wind control level of the industry. She said that in view of China's current Internet financial enterprises can not access the central bank credit System, association (Internet Finance Professional Committee) is also recommended to adopt a practical way, so that peer-to-peer enterprises, whether directly or indirectly (mode), access to the central bank's credit base database, in order to reduce the peer-to-peer institutions of the cost of audit and loan, Improve the quality of audit and service efficiency. At present, credit base database is running in a private network, technically need to consider through some third party or self-regulatory organizations to carry out the transfer, in order to achieve peer-to-peer access, and the current Internet Finance Professional Committee is also working with member organizations to study Peer-to-peer network loan risk information sharing system, planned to be online early next year, Provide information services to industry enterprises.

The favorable network CEO Liu Yannan to "Daily economic news" Reporter said that the risk information sharing is the peer-to-peer industry has been advocating, the necessity is to build a unified credit platform, so that the industry can do blacklist sharing, perfect and Peer-to-peer-related credit system, Let Peer-to-peer enterprises in the provision of loans have more reference to risk indicators, improve the efficiency of borrowing and wind control level. When the system is on-line, the Peer-to-peer Enterprise can refer to the data in the system to judge whether the borrower exists in many platforms.

Self-discipline organization is the umbrella of industry development

NET loan home data show that as of the end of November this year, the net loan industry accumulated transaction amount of 245.1 billion, is expected to exceed 250 billion by the end of this year. However, compared with the rapid development of the network loan industry, the Internet Financial Regulation policy has been delayed.

"Peer-to-peer industry in China is truly bottom-up, spontaneous formation of financial markets, there is no government design, this and the existing formal financial system is fundamentally different." In such a market, the rules must be lagging behind. "Zhang Chenghui, director of the Financial Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said in the above forum," if the market is likely to produce systemic financial risks that may bring about social instability, the Government will certainly intervene. Peer-to-peer industry development to now, the Government to implement a certain degree of supervision, it is imperative. ”

For specific regulation, Zhang Chenghui pointed out that, first of all, Peer-to-peer platform has sufficient management capacity and risk control capabilities, in the initial stage must have sufficient principal, in order to ensure adequate software and hardware input; second, Peer-to-peer platform to ensure the transparency of the transaction process; Thirdly, the industry standards should be harmonized; In the wind control aspect, the platform must have the management restraint mechanism, including the technology, the information, the fund risk, as well as the platform itself may also encounter runs the risk.

Zhang Chenghui said that there are several ways to regulate, including the introduction of a normative guidelines or standards, through the self-regulation of the industry to impose constraints, the establishment of a public information base. In addition, to crack down on the platform for the purpose of fraud, I hope that the Court has some judgment on peer-to-peer disputes, the investor's complaints have a standard disposal standards.

Suzhen pointed out that in the face of the current lack of regulation of the Internet finance, through the industry self-discipline organizations to implement a relatively loose a little flexible supervision, to give full play to the role of industry self-discipline, is at the current stage to promote the development of the Internet financial security.

In fact, the industry self-discipline organization is not "shackles", but a promotion of the healthy and orderly development of the industry "umbrella".

Hongyuan Securities Research Institute deputy Director, Internet Finance thousand people meeting Secretary General Yi Huan also pointed out that 2015, in addition to will appear some run out of enterprises, the whole network loan industry is facing several core problems: first, the whole society risk-free interest rate of capital began to go down gradually, more assets end need to reduce the rate of return; , the difficulty of getting investors in the future platform will increase. With the increasing difficulty of obtaining investors and the increase of Peer-to-peer enterprises, industry competition is bound to intensify, and the cost of capital will continue to rise.

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