Peisi wants to take a backseat: Successors have faith to make happiness

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Peisi hopes to take a backseat to the behind-the-scenes "old house" just ended in the Capital Theater, Peisi will be in next year's Day to launch a French comedy adaptation of "shocking dinner." The show, starring Guo Donglin and Dashan a few years ago, is called "Super Fool", although the stage effect is good, but the box office is mediocre. This time by Peisi hand Wu Yujuan again staged, this meal "French feast" through the Chinese local transformation, become "shocking dinner."  The play will be staged in the Capital Theatre from January 1 to 3rd next year.  Dressed again Baodaobulao in Peisi rehearsal "Old Curtilage" before, had put speech want to take a backseat, no longer as the protagonist of the new play, and these two years, Peisi side of the rehearsal, side also will focus on the search for successors above. Originally this "shocking dinner" has also set a male lead, but his unit is not open schedule, so tense time, Peisi also had to battle again. Yesterday he smiled and said, "I hope I have not rolled my blade."  "In the" successor requirements, Peisi put forward a skill, image, the most basic is the most important criterion: to have faith for others to create happiness. Join hands Wu Yujuan pay not rise national drama Academy actor Wu Yujuan in recent years faded from the audience vision, but yesterday saw her still let a person's eyes bright-beautiful still. 10 years ago, Wu Yujuan the first time in Peisi's first drama "Child Care", the two men cooperated this time after 10 years again to play together husband and wife, Wu Yujuan said: "Peisi said I thin, I said he except Beard white, or the pair of shoes, clothes also I have seen before, nothing has changed." Peisi added: "Wu Yujuan than the original lively, the cast as long as there is her, the atmosphere is particularly warm and harmonious." She was particularly able to say that she would eat this for a while, and then eat that and keep her mouth shut. The character is much better than before. When a reporter asked about pay, Peisi said: "The price of a year ago, also did not rise." At this time, Wu Yujuan took says: "The play is reduced, no price is good!" "I dare to do a new play all by the audience as a private drama group, Peisi 10 years hard many, this year's cultural market is also a great impact," old house "can survive, but also dare to do a new play, Peisi sigh:" Really not easy, all rely on the people to eat! " "When a reporter mentions" all-star lineup ", Peisi said:" We can't afford all stars, we can only act honestly, in the scope of doing things. " 10 years ago when the "child care", our opponents are domestic drama, now many foreign performance groups come in, our opponents become strong. The last time, "old house" can be in the market in the stormy weather, we began to do the worst of the plan, until the last few days the box office suddenly rose. Only more efforts to be worthy of the audience's long-standing love for us. "Morning News reporter Herun
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