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All along, I have been writing dot network to promote the experience of sharing articles, SEO aspects of the article has not been written, this article is about SEO first. In fact, I for SEO, there is no too much experience, also can not say that we advanced truth, just learning while trying to operate a nearly a year of time. More or less familiar with the operating principle of SEO!

As one of the founding team members, from pushing a line to the present, often go to the forum of the diagnostic version of the friendship to help members answer their questions, help them diagnose the status of the website, give some adjustment suggestions and opinions. In the process of helping to solve the problem, often see the problem is about SEO, the main or keyword ranking is not good, or slipped and so on. In the forum to interact with you, when it comes to SEO, they found that they more value the specific operation of the SEO techniques, ignoring the impact of the SEO effect of another important factor: "content."

Speaking of content, a lot of webmaster or company webmasters will answer: "Our site has content, and every day in the update." Here, I want to say is: "friend, you understand wrong." What I am saying here is not the content that is reproduced, nor is it rubbish content. It's a high-quality, relevant original content. It can be said that no high-quality content of the site, get no good rankings, even if you through some technical means to obtain a better ranking, it is only short-lived. In particular, the recent launch of Baidu "Phoenix Nest Plan", the content of the site requirements higher.

As the site owner, we should stand in search engine position to look at the problem. At the same time we also need to understand the search engine service object. The search engine's service object is the user who searches the information, not the website owner that provides the information. The purpose of search engine service is to provide them with the information to solve the problem, so that users can be satisfied with the search results. Only the main site you provide a search engine for high-quality content of the page, this is the search engine to give you a good reason for ranking, once you provide the search engine to meet the user needs of the content of the page, the search engine is also willing to give you a good ranking.

Do network promotion Friends should know mouchangqing Network promotion Blog! As a personal network to promote the experience of sharing blog, but he Baidu and Google and other search engines, the weight of the high, I think we all know. A new article, not to blog, in a very short period of time will be Baidu, Google and other search engines included. And now many friends also through his blog message to do keyword search engine excellent. His blog, the reason can be recognized by major search engines, give him a higher weight. Actually very simple, is his blog article, as his friend, I know he is very attentively to maintain his blog, so most of the blog above is his own original high-quality articles. More importantly, each of his articles is highly correlated with the blog theme. For example, a user search "network promotion" into his blog, not only saw his article introduced the "Network promotion method", but also saw his published "Network Promotion program." Users in his blog, can be very good to solve the user needs to solve a number of related issues, get the user's approval. has been recognized by users, but also gained the attention of the search engine, giving you a higher weight, get a good ranking. According to this SEO principle, you should build a lot of, useful, around your products and services content.

With a large number of users valuable content, but also a good retention of users, in the user's psychology to establish a good reputation and authority. Especially do E-commerce site, the content of the requirements will be higher, more detailed, more comprehensive. The purpose of doing E-commerce website is to sell things, only sell things, you can gain, to make money, enterprises can better development. But the product above the website originally is cannot see, touch. To gain the trust of the user, it is more difficult than the traditional store. Just imagine, how can we let users generate trust? In the product page, should be illustrated with a detailed description of product information, to eliminate this obstacle. Users build trust before they buy.

But everything has double-sided, SEO light depends on content, did not carry out some technical optimization, also not. If the Web page is not friendly to search engines, even if your content is good, quality again high, can not be included in search engines, rankings will not be discussed. But you do technology optimization, there is no real content, to get a good ranking is also difficult. So site content and technology optimization are essential. Content is also one of the important factors that affect SEO effect. (Text/Peng Hongwei)

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