People can see the digital billboard that shows the flight in the sky in real time.

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British Airways 23rd launched the latest "look Up" activity, and people were able to see a digital billboard showing the number of flights in the sky in real time, according to the BusinessInsider website.

In this great event, the organizers installed digital billboards at the circular Square and Chiswick in London's Piccadilly Circus, playing "a little boy who looked up at the sky, pointing to the sky". And the reality is that there's a plane in the direction of his finger. The billboard will then appear, "Look, this is the BA475 flight from Barcelona."

"It's not just British Airways, it's the first billboard of its kind in the UK," says Abigail Cuomo, head of the British Airways marketing department. In the process of chatting with friends and family, we find that everyone wants to know where the plane is flying and dreams of a holiday full of surprises or a warm destination. Intelligent technology allows us to use such advertisements to encourage people to travel, and also to answer the doubts in their hearts. ”

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