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People's Daily Beijing June 20, the search for new domain name and web search technology platform online launch ceremony held in Beijing. At the meeting, the new domain name officially launched, at the same time, the people's search logo also from the previous "Hongshan Dragon" transition to "puzzle".

"This is a crucial step in the process of marketization and modernization," said Marley, chairman of the People's Search Network AG: "The launch of the new search platform has laid a solid foundation for people's search and development." ”

Liu, chief scientist of the People's search, said that the people's search used a new search architecture, and tens of billions of pages could be updated in just two weeks.

Liu said that over the past year, the people's search research and development team has completely redesigned the search architecture, the core search software is almost entirely developed by the enterprise itself, especially the index architecture, does not simply adopt the industry's common structure. At the same time, people search for large-scale improvement of the parallel processing system. "Now, we have tens of billions of of the pages, as long as within two weeks can be all updated, this processing speed in the world is also leading." ”

It is reported that the people search for large-scale use of flash technology. According to Liu, flash memory random Read and write speed is much faster than hard disk, help software to get a greater degree of optimization. In addition, the people's search technology team also on the Web page and the relationship between the Internet ecosystem, such as in-depth analysis, "We have some technical breakthroughs in this area, so that our search results have a great qualitative leap." ”

According to Liu, last July, people search employees wrote the first line of Web search platform code, so far, has written nearly million lines of code. "Nearly millions of lines of code translates into tens of billions of of search pages." In this year, no matter from the speed of development or the complexity of technology, I 211.html "> think should be in the Internet industry even in the world of the Internet industry is also a small miracle." ”

Liu also said that the current search has not yet made a profit effort, all the search results are machine natural rankings, and the future, will not be bidding rankings.

He said that not to commercialize search results is a principle, even if the future of instant search for commercial operation, will be advertising and search results are clearly marked, not to confuse users.

At the same time, Liu also said that for immediate search, now is still practicing internal skills, good technical reserves of the period, rather than to make a profit point in time.

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