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Sina Science and technology news August 1, the internet finance is becoming the capital chasing hot spots, Sina technology from Shenzhen before the sea authority learned that the Minsheng E-commerce Limited liability company will be registered in the former sea, the capital of 3 billion RMB, is the first domestic and commercial banks to form a corresponding relationship between the silver business close cooperative enterprises.

According to the introduction, Minsheng is the founder of China Minsheng Bank (10.1,0.11,1.10%) of the seven major non-state shareholders and Minsheng Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Minsheng Bank of non-state shareholders, the top ranks of the list include: New Hope Investment, Oriental Group, Shanghai Health Special Life Technology, pan-Sea holdings, Xiamen Fu Xin Group, Fosun International, these companies behind, are Liu, Hongwei, Shi Yuzhu [Weibo], Lu Zhiqiang, Huang, Guo and other business leaders.

Noteworthy, some insiders said, China Banking Regulatory Commission innovation and Supervision of the Deputy Director of Yin Long will be the general manager of the company. The People's Livelihood Bank, which is responsible for the news, confirmed the news.

It is understood that Yin Long during the CBRC, responsible for supervision of financial innovation, electronic banking and other business, in the second half of 2006 to early 2007, Yin Long in Minsheng Bank on-the-job half a year, successively in the Ministry of Trade and Finance, the Board of Strategic Development Committee Office, responsible for new product design, bank mergers, foreign investment

According to the relevant data of the former Maritime Authority, the Minsheng electric business is committed to "integrate people's wisdom, joint private enterprise, service People's livelihood" as the starting point, in order to build on the basis of the formation of small and medium-sized micro-customer demand, organic integration of e-commerce and financial activities, the realization of industrial chain To small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals to provide a sound information platform, service platform, matchmaking platform, do the city platform, such as comprehensive electrical and financial services.

The company's vision is to "become a new e-commerce financial business representative companies and leading enterprises to solve SME financing difficulties and improve the small micro-enterprise ecological environment of the landmark companies, as well as the national Internet finance and E-commerce policy important external participants." Using Minsheng Bank's huge small and medium micro customer scale and firm Customer Relationship Foundation as well as the unique business model in the industry, it plays a complementary and synergistic role in information flow, capital flow, logistics and Minsheng Bank, promotes the organic and effective combination of internet finance and electronic commerce, and reaches the people's livelihood, Minsheng Bank, Small and medium-sized micro-enterprises and even the whole society wins.

At present, the company is in the early stage of recruiting staff.

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