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In a variety of sports, people often contact the ball games should say very much, table tennis, badminton has naturally become the people's daily life in the choice of leisure and entertainment ball game. There are, of course, many more ball games being sought after. But there are such a class of ball games, so many people can only stop to watch, in real life want to really real experience a it is still more difficult, that is-baseball. In the life of contact can not feel the experience of the movement to see the app game! The powerful iOS platform is enough to bring you the fun you can't experience. Sports like baseball If you don't have the means to actually experience a real life, let the app do what you want. Today, the small knitting to bring everyone is such a app baseball game--cricket (multiplayer Included) Chinese name translates into cricket many people. Interested in baseball but not the real experience of a player can be noted, and then the demo network reviews will be the game detailed content introduced to everyone. Cricket (Multiplayer Included) game download: 12.26M free download game Price: Limited hours free itunes download game type: Sports game game score: 7.7 Games Reviews: 15 Reviews Cricket (multiplayer Included) is a very good baseball game, can bring you a ball game in different feelings, so tired of playing football, basketball and other ball games players find an unprecedented freshness, addicted to the world of baseball. Screen neat and clean picture of the game screen gives people the feeling is very neat, looks very delicate, the game of the athlete is 3D effect, like a real person, gives the feeling is very real, and very clear engaging. The sound effect of real game picture game is very good, as is recorded in the actual, the ball when the crisp sound sounded very cool. It's like hitting a ball with a bat in person. The authenticity of the sound is added to the real sense of the game, allowing the player to truly feel the charm of baseball. Operation Simple game Screen game operation is very simple, the player only need to control the hit out of the ball, as long as the beat out of the Red Place can score, the ball fly out the farther the score will be higher, the start is very easy, feel fun to play. A variety of game Mode game screen game to support a variety of modes, can be a person to practice batting skills, you can also fight equipment to a man-machine war, of course, you can also invite a few friends to compete against each other's game, enjoy the fun of a lot of people really play. In short, this baseball game can let you experience the real baseball fun, feel the ball world is not the same wonderful.
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