Perfect independent development of the first non-3D game test success

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Recent news, Perfect time and Space announced: the company independently developed the first non-3D online games "ghost legend" public test to achieve success. There are currently 7 new MMORPG games in the development phase, 2009 years to launch the Q version of the 2D round system MMORPG "dream of the Fairy."  Analysts point out that this means that the perfect product line layout this year has a breakthrough, try to independent research and development of non-3D games and Europe and the United States and Korea 3D game. Data show that as of May 1, "Ghost legend" has opened the server has reached 54 groups.  From the third party download platform Thunder data show, "Ghost Legend" in the Thunder platform download volume has exceeded 400,000 times a week mark, ranked in the top three. The number of Chinese Internet visitors is seen as the largest market in the world. At present, the domestic game market is mainly overseas 3D online gaming products monopoly, such as the United States Blizzard Entertainment, such as World of Warcraft.  Therefore, the national game manufacturers choose the game theme, game engine and other aspects of innovation, to non-3D games and overseas games for differentiated competition. Perfect space-time independent research and development of "ghost legend" of the engine, subject matter and so on have been innovated. Engine technology is the game industry's most critical, the most core technology, as the perfect time and space of the first 3D online games, "Ghost Legend" by the perfect time and space under the play of the new cube engine, can be perfect to achieve a variety of free dress and equipment dynamic effects such as many fine effects of the display. The cube engine, by quantifying the structure of the characters ' bones, makes it more fluid and flashy for the characters to use a variety of skills. In the Chinese game market, when the martial arts, magic, leisure, sports and other topics have been developed a time, what subject has new ideas and can win the market? In this regard, "ghost legends" carried out a number of exploratory attempts ——— from the subject matter, it is a mysterious adventure game, from a cultural perspective, it will be the cultural background of the east and the west. Zhouqi, president of the perfect Space-Time Interactive Entertainment Co., said: "This successful test proves that our efforts in the development of the game engine are very valuable." He said that the perfect future will still maintain and increase the game engine, including the core technology of online games innovation efforts. (Lin June)
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