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This reporter Shijuan recently, perfect time and space of a move quite let the industry "big surprise"-launched the first 2D Q version of the game "dream of the Fairy", announced to enter the 2D round market.  In addition to the introduction of the 2.5D online games "Ghost legends", perfect Time and space has launched two non-3D online games.  In recent years the domestic net swims the company to expand vigorously the 3D game market, the perfect space-time this "turns around", has caused the industry to its in the game development, the market and so on the endless speculation. 2d online games Indispensable "2D turn system net game?" This is not the perfect place for time and space. Perfect time and space recently everything is doing, do cartoon game "pocket West", Do adventure game "ghost Legend", do Dance game "dance Party", its product line is too long. 2d Turn System network game has long been saturated with the market, not only "dream West Tour", "Dahua West Tour" Such an old work, nearly two years of new 2D online games are also many. Perfect time and space to give up their familiar 3D games to compete with others have never done 2D round game, is undoubtedly a short gram long.  "Senior game play Xiao Shen told the China Economic Times interview.  For the perfect time and space to hold positive attitude of the industry, the analysis that the perfect time and space to enter the 2D game market, is the perfect time and space to actively adjust the strategic intent of the results. "In fact, 2D and 3D are purely technical in terms of division. Now, with the total number of users in the domestic online games more and more high, different players for online games will naturally have different needs. We found that many Chinese gamers are accustomed to the game at the same time, online chatting, listening to music, the Internet to see the news, indicating that the user's needs more diverse. The development of different types of games is to better meet the needs of players. "Perfect Space-Time Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. President Zhouqi to our correspondent," in China, 2D market is very broad, a large proportion of users, have a good market base. "The introduction of the" dream of the Fairy "can give a favorite 2D game players more choices, this is our main idea of entering the 2D game market. And, through the introduction of 2D games, improve their product line layout. In fact, in addition to the "dream of the Fairy" outside, "to the Top", "Dahua", "Laugh in Heaven", "Monster a Dream" and other rounds of products are springing up, rushing to the market.  The advent of a number of online games products, in the 2D round market to bring new challenges and opportunities at the same time, divide and nibble users. "Although the turn of the 2D online games market competition is very obvious, but the" dream of the Fairy "will make the launch of the 2D round market expansion of one times. It can rely on "the immortal" game huge user base.  "Zhouqi said. 2D and 3D Online games according to the 200,800-degree gaming Industry Report shows: Although the number of games in the 3D game more advantages, but the current players are most concerned about 2D online games, accounting for nearly 60% of the concern, the leading 3D net game nearly 17%. 2d online view of the transformation are preset images, games easy to operate, do not need a lot of playersPractice can be mastered, coupled with this kind of online games on the computer hardware requirements are relatively low, which makes 2D online games more attention by players. 3D NET swims The advantage is can rotate the angle of view, but at the same time brought the difficulty of the operation to increase, and 3D net swims easily make people feel dizzy, bad control. I once wanted to give Up "Warcraft", slowly get used to it. At present, 2D online games screen is not very good, the story is not strong. At the same time, there are many inequities in so-called free games, and RMB players have more advantages than free players.  "The senior game play," said Xiao Shen. Xiao Shen's view clearly represents the idea of the vast majority of players. What are some of the factors that you value when you play a round game in Sina?  In the survey, the results showed that 82.5% of game users chose to pay more attention to the quality of the picture. "Therefore, perfect time and space in the development of" dream of the Fairy ", focus on starting from the game screen, not only use the maximum of 1024x768 2D online games resolution, but also particle effects, water waves special effects, Jodhpur effect, foam effects, explosion effects, and so on in the past only in 3D games to use the technology to move down to this 2D game, At the same time design a lot of "the fairy" game did not appear in the storyline.  "Zhouqi introduced. 2D Game user base is very big, this is the development course of the net swims industry decide. Of course, 3D online games more and more attention, the market is growing, but also the fact. But in the future, 2D and 3D games, say who will replace who, are unlikely, should be 2D, 2.5D and 3D each have their own market. "Zhouqi that the 2D game more leisure, relaxed, happy, the hardware system requirements are not high, suitable for making friends, the development of community; 3D Network games are very attractive to the game master, they like to accept new things and adventure, have a good computer operation technology, request to experience the real game world. "2D, 3D different game mode although can affect a part of the player's game experience, but the game is more important, only constantly develop new play can retain the player." ”
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