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& ">nbsp; "Science and Technology" December 20 News, December 19, 2012, with the perfect Future Star Creative Contest Awards ceremony, the perfect future of 6 months of the Star Creative competition has officially come to an event. The Perfect World Co-CEO Mr. H. In person presented the scene, with the master jury representatives, the university's top instructors, the major well-known media gathering, together witnessed the perfect future star of the birth of the common to share the people moved the Chinese creative products.

Speaking on stage, Mr. H. said that the perfect world should contribute to the Chinese creative industry

In his opening speech, Mr. H. said firmly: "The perfect World has a persistent pursuit of beauty, the concept of creativity will never give up, we have gone abroad, we have to go global, on the global stage to show China's characteristics." The Perfect World is a company that attaches importance to creative talents and makes contributions to the creative industries of China. At the same time, Mr. H. put forward: "Game animation and other industries can not be separated from the development of creative talents, hope that through the perfect future star creative contest, to do a benchmark for the entire industry to contribute." ”

Figure II, Mr. H. The meaning of the perfect future star creative contest

For the purpose and significance of the perfect future star Creative contest, Mr H. said the most important purpose of the competition was to push creative talent to the forefront of the frontier and to explore more creative talents. "The industry needs some leading companies to stand up and do some positive things, and I'm pushing this kind of positive energy culture in the company," he said. ”

As Mr. H. said, the perfect future star creativity competition not only lets more talented person who has the creative dream to receive the attention, for China's creative industry reserves more abundant strength, at the same time, through the contest's holding, fully embodies the perfect world as a net swims enterprise's social responsibility, namely H. mentioned positive energy.

With the deep cognition of the creative industry and the correct cultural values, the perfect world has a positive attitude in the cultural output of the creative industry.

When it comes to the role of the company in cultural output, which is represented by the perfect world, Mr. H. is very confident, he said, "China's culture is very ambitious, in the world has a wide range of audiences, we must have a certain degree of integration, to adapt to different users around the world aesthetic needs." In response to their specific internal products, we do some local improvement, and then spread out, with an inclusive attitude, while adhering to the Chinese original culture as the basis for products, such products are very popular, this gives us a lot of confidence. ”

At the same time, Mr. H. pointed out that in the face of the scarcity of talents in China's creative field, we must adhere to a long-term plan and development, adhere to the continuous absorption and training of talent, and through a number of high-quality platform, so that such people get exercise, accelerate their growth.

For the establishment of the talent mechanism, Mr. H. also gave a clear answer: pay attention to the cultivation of talent, not only in the work, in learning, analysis, sharing hope to provide more opportunities, so that employees in improving their ability to have more time, energy. Referring to the talent mechanism, Mr. H. pointed out that the introduction of brand and talent is complementary: "Our brand positioning in the market is to be a more attractive company, we hope to use such a brand image to attract more talents." This is also our long-term strategy, I believe we can do better. ”

In the future, the perfect world will continue to build a more comprehensive industrial chain, focus on more creative areas, through more ways to establish a more complete talent mechanism for the Chinese cultural industry to provide sufficient reserve force for the prosperity and development of China's creative industry blocks, contribute to the strength.

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