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"You may have encountered such a situation in the domestic gas heating, because forget to turn off the fire, causing the overflow of water to extinguish the gas, causing huge security risks." And our company provides the product, can solve this kind of problem very well, we use the sensor technology, the embedded technology provides the whole solution for the gas company. "Hangzhou weighing Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Xu Qin Lang's speech won the audience bursts of applause." This is not a product promotion, it is the first time in Hangzhou, the national large-scale innovative projects and venture capital "dating conference." A "non-interference" type of project show in Hangzhou set off a new wave of entrepreneurship. 21 of innovative enterprises from the Internet of Things, e-commerce, software and other industries, not only to fully demonstrate the innovation of the project in 6 minutes, but also to accept 14 experts from China's top venture capital Partners, 9 minutes of "torture".  Weighing technology with the leading technology, persistent entrepreneurial spirit, conquered the venue of the audience and strict judges, and finally with the other 4 enterprises at the same time, will represent Hangzhou to participate in the September in Suzhou, "Innovation China demo Chinese 2010" Finals. E-business value-added services, dance with the elephant the event around the Internet and e-commerce two topics, the entries are also two areas of the project. E-commerce development to today, we are most concerned about whether there is still business opportunities in the field of E-commerce.  Sequoia Capital China Fund partner Kui on 8th, "New Economic era Information Industry Summit Forum" gave a positive answer, whether it is to do brand, channel or platform, whether for domestic or foreign, there are great business opportunities. From the Project Roadshow of 9th, venture capitalists are very demanding for companies directly engaged in E-commerce, the market for enterprise customers may be limited, while the market for consumers is big, but it is difficult to promote.  Hangzhou Gallery Technology Co., Ltd., which stands out from the crowd, has become the focus of attention. Gallery technology is mainly engaged in the development of image content search system, to provide value-added services for e-commerce sites, that is, "map search" technology applications. Through the existing image search similar pictures, not only by inputting text form, will greatly improve the experience of e-commerce users. At present, the company and several well-known e-commerce companies to reach a cooperation agreement, will also be implemented through the user upload their own images to search the same or similar pictures.  The use of this application in mobile phone promotion is also in the active development process. Although the gallery technology has just started, the site of VC showed great interest.  Kay Peng Hua Ying partner Li Liwei to the "Entrepreneurial State" reporter analysis, search shopping guide is very promising an application, if the technical aspects can be further breakthrough in the graphics matching degree, search pictures of the magnitude of the next step, will have an explosive growth. The Internet of things becomes the new blue Sea of entrepreneurship and the first Hangzhou home and Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. is focused on wireless sensor network technology based on the equipment and solution of the IoT industryProgramme。 With the development of human society, inevitably to a full load of computing information society, the whole world will become a huge computer. Home and intelligence to introduce the internet of things into the smart grid and building energy saving two industries, and to this as a breakthrough to achieve the technology of product and scale, in the past two years gradually completed with the National Grid and Southern power grid pilot project, and the completion of the acceptance this year, their overhead transmission line detection technology, reached the international leading.  Lenovo Investment executive Director Sha believes that companies have their own core technology, but private agreements face the challenge of promotion, while the policy risks can lead to large-scale deployment difficulties.  Entrepreneurs of the necessary quality of the site of many VC in addition to the participation of entrepreneurs to give specific and pertinent comments, but also combined with years of investment experience, to many entrepreneurs put forward valuable suggestions. Ruby, a partner at DCM, warns entrepreneurs that it is unwise to choose a all-inclusive market in order to cater to the VC's taste and ignore the entrepreneurial team's own advantages.  Especially in the initial stage of enterprise, in the limited funds, limited resources, limited energy, find a direction, combined with their own advantages, in this direction to go deep, go far, it is possible to make a successful enterprise. Mike, the investment director of the Blue Venture, said at the end of the event that entrepreneurs should have the passion to start a business, not to be afraid of failure, but also to have positive attitudes, which are the three essential elements of successful entrepreneurs.
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