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In the "personal website online customer service system of some views (one)", I introduced to you on the website online customer service system is what, what the benefits can be divided into what categories, as well as several important common web site online customer service system to explain the function. This article is to answer the beginning of the article on the three questions: "Why some sites have online customer service, and some sites do not?" Why do some websites online customer service has the initiative to invite, some sites do not? Why some Web site online customer service volunteered 1 times, and some sites are invited many times? As the basic thread, continue to introduce personal views on the website online customer service system.

Some sites have online customer service system, some sites do not; This is a basic situation, in fact, the vast majority of sites are no online customer service, there is no need to have online customer service, such as some personal webmaster traffic stations, to online customer service what? In addition to seizing the position of the ad position, slowing down the opening of the Site page, It is of no use. But for some sites that offer value-added services, such as online sales of some virtual or real products and services, and online promotional sites for agencies offering some sort of fee-based service, such as training institutions and hospitals, these are very much in need of online customer service. The necessity of it needless to say here, increasing the turnover rate is one of the most important factors. Online customer service is very important for two types of web visitors, a hesitant type, he may be your site's customers, or maybe not, he hesitated, the role of online customer service is through direct dialogue to let him not hesitate; the second is lazy type, the general website has related information, but this kind of visitors are not patient to see, Go up and ask customer service This, the role of customer service is to help such people answer questions and guide them to become their own customers.

Some sites have unsolicited invitations to new customer service, some sites are not; This may be a lot of people are not very familiar with the main is not familiar with what is active invitation, in fact, very common, on some sites, we often see a dialog box on the page, which says "Consulting customer Service" "Later" and so on and so on, This is the active invitation. Visitors open a website page, the first direct will be invited to the dialog box to attract, at this time by the visitors decide whether to talk with the customer service. This kind of initiative invites the customer service often appears in the hospital, the training course and so on some small guest unit price higher organization's website, but does not appear in the populace class customer unit price generally not to sell the website. The reason is very simple, take every customer sincerity goods, if millions of of people visit each day, it makes an unsolicited online customer service, will greatly enhance the probability of visitors to the dialogue, estimated thousands of customer service for this system services, and in fact, each customer orders to the sales and profit is not very high, or even less than the day of the customer service pay high! And some small Taobao shop is not the same, any day can have hundreds of people visit is good, improve customer dialogue rate, can seize a customer is a customer, but not how much work, but Taobao average of the amount of each order is not small, so not a good example. The most obvious example is the education and training institutions, for example, an IELTS training course, fees and charges may be tens of thousands of visitors to this training agency website, and generally every customer is intentional, this time, if there is an active invitation to online customer service, you can increase the enrollment rate, and once the registration, the organization's profits are very high. For this kind of organization's website, the online customer service's active invitation appears very important.

Some web site online Customer Service initiative invited 1 times, and some sites are invited many times; First of all, explain, as in the previous paragraph, some sites will be directly active pop-up invite visitors to the dialog box, but many visitors will directly turn off the dialog box, and the online customer service system generally has the number of seconds after the automatic invitation and customer service manual invitation dialogue function, that is, as long as the site's customer service system is willing, the invitation dialog box can be in the visitors visit the site Non-stop play out. There is a balance of the problem, is over and over again to let customers hate, or through this over and over again to bounce out the invitation dialog box to improve the rate of dialogue and turnover?! To tell the truth, it's hard to balance the problem, we commonly have some hospitals and training institutions of the online customer service system will be set over and over again the initiative to invite, whether to improve the transaction is straightforward to have the benefit, or to enhance the turnover rate has much benefit, this author is not very understanding, but once again remind visitors have online customer service function, After visitors visit the site, if the intention to consult, will naturally click on the left side of the site or the right side of the customer service logo for consultation, and sometimes do not need to repeat the invitation, so the visitors on the site of the user experience is a bad impact. This article by Yu Bo Training Network Webmaster original, A5 starting, reproduced please specify.

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