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From Contact SEO to now has 6 months, I also from the most grassroots start, from a standard layman to now have two small station, can also earn a little money, in retrospect, really sweet and sour, but still very rewarding, I would like to talk about their own views, I hope to communicate with you.

The purpose of building a station is to make money. However, want to build a station is how a long and arduous process, have to do Taobao guest, there are advertising alliances, in fact, through these ways to make money is not easy, remember the last to see the statistics of Evergreen, personal webmaster Monthly income of 500 below a lot of a lot of, Actually say these I just want to tell everybody two points: first, guarantee work, spare time to build a station, build a station is a long-term project, it is impossible to profit in a short time, so stationmaster also need certain economic support, second, build a station words best have a good project, a good project may not need so much flow also can make some money. For example, sell products or sell services, like my words is to sell services, so that the benefits come quickly, if there is a list, is generally the same day to get cash, very small money, but I feel more relaxed than the advertising alliance, we may say that the project is so easy to find? This is true, so we are careful, good at discovering the surrounding business opportunities, All right, let's talk about this.

Can be said to find a project is the initial work, the next is to build a station, optimization, promotion, the inside of the specific operating procedures I do not say, in the A5 to find is a lot of a lot of, here I would like to tell the novice, in fact, I am also a novice, in this learning process to ask more, go to the forum to wander, More with those old birds exchange, I also come over, from the first focus on seowhy to the present point of Stone, A5, and so on, there is a terrible thing is that I put the old birds are tired, I guess they see my QQ avatar move, they panic, thank them here, thank these platforms.

Finally, the most want to say or implementation of the Force + adhere to, these two factors determine your success or not, the technology is not terrible, fear is that you have no plan, no implementation, in short, to do the station in your insistence. By the way, I also want to say a little, stationmaster is not easy, stationmaster need absolute spirit support, do not forget to enrich own life at the same time when building a station, think of that she that often stroll your space, you will have unexpected harvest. This article is compiled by stationmaster, at the same time new station Http://www.weixiushou on-line, welcome attention.

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