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About the construction of the website content, the network says there are a lot of, random search "website content", the related article faces! I have seen many, feel the same, a larger common is: original content! Of course, today search engines more and more value the experience of users, how to improve the user experience effect? is to show the real thing! So for the copy and paste things, search engines want to be rather wrong to kill 1000 can not let go! However, due to the pressure of competition, the necessary means of competition will be used! Based on years of research on search engines, search engines before examining the value of an article, The title of the article is to focus on! So the optimizer can work on the title of the article more, the following years in the content optimization experience for a personal share:

1, the information article title more manifests the organization, the personage, the event and so on

Why does the new website insist on updating the information every day? On the one hand, the site's active degree, on the other hand, is the ultimate goal of search engines included. However many Stationmaster personally realizes, the new station renewal initial stage, perhaps included will increase, persisted not for a period of time, included will be deadlocked, changes very few! If there is such a problem, you may wish to try in the article title up and down a little kung fu, the title of the article to change a little larger, more embodies some institutions, people, events and so on, For example: Farmers Ma Zhiming led the local villagers to develop nursery stock industry, Xi ' an price bureau standard wedding industry consumption, Hongyun Air Transport Co., Ltd. pay close attention to transport safety training, etc., through data validation, this method can effectively help you increase the content of the site included!

2, Product Shopping guide, product supply, Product Center article title derivative

General Business Shop Type website, as a product of a marketing platform, basically contains product supply, product Shopping guide, product center of these several columns, of course, the title of the product is certain, and basically the name of the actual product as the product title, and some product names are relatively short, the title of the first page is different, or the title is too is a waste of beauty and resources, the author is such treatment, personal webmaster in doing home optimization will certainly take into account a key index, that is the keyword home density, general control in the 4--5 this interval, of course, the competition is more intense keyword density setting is relatively high, how to derive product title? From optimization , undoubtedly increase the density of the keyword, the specific operation is this, take the distribution box this product, the general title first display 20 words, you can modify the distribution box-medium machine distribution box recommended products, and then take the external wall cleaning this service name, you can change the external wall cleaning-XI ' an professional external wall cleaning service, etc. I guess you already know what's going on.

3, the strategy of key words planning

According to search engine users, the past and now different, the previous customer search is relatively simple keywords, buy a computer to enter the computer, the demand for domestic services, on the importation of glass cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc., now some users search more detailed, such as Asus computer how? What good is a second-hand laptop computer? Yinchuan carpet cleaning where good? External wall cleaning which home is more professional? And so on, observation obviously found that some long tail keywords appear in search keywords, according to years of operation experience, long tail keyword for the site effect of some better than the core keyword, high conversion rate phenomenon, So recommended in the core keyword based on the creation of some long tail keyword, improve the site optimization effect, how to operate? Take the distribution box, you can set up a special level two or Level three page, to do the title strategy, at least five titles, title Template: Distribution Box Procurement preferred * * Company, distribution box products, distribution box features, Wiring Box Procurement Professional recommended * * *, distribution box procurement please contact us!

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