Personal summary of several web site entrepreneurial success factors

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I. Manage the funds well. A good site team (there may be only you alone, that you may be versatile) is a talent, products, funds composed of free funds. Will lead to the entrepreneur interest burden overweight, cannot achieve the career.  Therefore, we must have "how much strength to do" concept, do not borrow money to operate.  Second, carefully selected industries. To hang himself familiar with the cause of specialization.  The initial stage can be a small-scale or shareholder cooperation, according to the entrepreneurial Plan for progressive development. Third, looking at the long-term development of small web sites, stability is always more important than growth, if you can have 30% of the annual profit, 1-2 years after you have the opportunity to make a bigger career. So have the stamina and preparation to run marathons.  Step Step-by-Step. Do not exist to rob short-term speculation, four, first to survive to first stick to the foundation, and seek to survive after development, not ambitious, covet performance, must pay attention to the operating system.  Step by step, and then seek to create profits, and then expand operations.  Streamline Web site must be streamlined, economical, efficient, pragmatic, do not pursue the surface of glitz, do not need to invest in the long-term vision.  Vi. perseverance.  Have the plan, has the goal, has the ideal, but also must have the strong patience and the willpower to carry out, smiles to face the setback, does not reach the goal never to rest.  Seven, good Alliance. Entrepreneurship must pay attention to the Alliance strategy, especially with the alliance. In addition to free products, the sale of other related products.  This will not only improve the attractiveness of free products, meet the needs of customers, but also increase their competitiveness and profitability.  It class webmasters can join together to enjoy the fun of this alliance. Of course, the success of entrepreneurship depends on the timing, geography, people and.
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