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Is it difficult to write an article? But why is it so hard to publish an article at A5 Station? In fact, it is not difficult, but you do not understand it ... The last time I wrote a search engine hair outside the chain of the article, in the A5 after two times to pass the A5 of the audit, through, is very excited, Brainwave want to combine their experience in A5 submission, to write an analysis A5 article review But the reasons for analysis it!

Is your post an original?

Since beginning to learn SEO, I believe we all should have experienced those who have written their own stage! As we all learn more about SEO, a lot of people started another way, is false original. This is a lot of content need to update the station, may be a more practical way.

You know, A5 Webmaster Network in the article are manual audit. This may be in A5 through the manuscript of the people, may know, your article is not original, very simple, Baidu will know. So your not original article is impossible to pass, or honest write your original article!

Does your article have quality and readability?

Original article, maybe we can write a lot of articles, but why not? for the article we write to let the reading of countless A5 Webmaster Network Editor Audit passed is not so simple. They receive a lot of submissions every day, some of these contributors are novice and veteran, veteran writing articles are already experienced, and the quality of readability is very high. When you see our novice article, natural is not the same, our article is likely to look at the technical level are very low-level things.

A5 article why to audit? If we think about it, we may also have a great improvement in our articles. The first is the weight of A5 high, in this article, of course, not so cheap so you want to hair on. The second is A5 is a large webmaster Portal station, is our every webmaster must come to the place. Webmaster to see what the article is, of course, are some of our network-related things! There is a point, but the Internet-related articles, is not enough. You all day to get some of the "How To do SEO" type of article, who will go to see it? So, you have to continue to learn, to see more articles, only you read the article enough, you can extract from your own point of view, your article is not so boring writing.

After the article is finished, can your article attract yourself? The articles you write have attracted yourself and read them over and over again. If your article can achieve this step, the readability of the article is also used to say?

Is your article paying attention to typesetting?

I was just beginning to write articles, but also did not pay attention to typesetting, resulting in a lot of articles on such a ruthless hit back. Later went online search, only to understand that the composition of the article will affect the quality of your article approved an important factor. Typesetting how to do it, is intended to put some screenshots, but do not pass, there is no way can only be described to you, or to see the passage of A5, you will understand. There are some problems with the articles copied to A5 in Notepad, post-submission preview and before the different layout, originally published, Good, but when the show why will change it, so opened the source to see the HTML code, in the inside see each line of text has a < P, this < p > is an HTML paragraph tag that removes the unwanted < P >, and your typography becomes better. There is also a point is to make the article is organized, it is necessary to give a summary of each section of the article, and then make it bold to show in front of each paragraph. This can make the article more eye-catching, the article's conditioning also clear.

Articles published in the column should also pay attention to

This is also my personal experience, the article is always to change the column. In order to reduce these problems, when we write articles, we must first determine how well their article is able to put in the column. So that your article will not be directly dragged to the Recycle Bin.

The author of this article Shuo, mainly engaged in SEO work, welcome you to communicate! Reprint Please specify the Source: Wuhan website construction Jiangshan software company, thank you!

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