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Building a Web site is simple, and even creating an application for the site is simple, Ma said, it used to take months to develop an application, and now only need to move the mouse, of course, this is based on others have been built for us. Many of our personal webmaster is not a technical origin, many just because of personal interest, only to start their own trip, so in this process, the biggest problem before encountered is technology. In many sites are not open source, we 8630.html "> sometimes to modify the site of a small code and spend a lot of time, the result can only be made up, this is my personal experience."

Now no, a lot of Web programs have open source, the forum is basically using DX and phpwind, and in the use of the process encountered any problems, but also to seek official answers, more people happy, all this is free. In the face of such a situation, as a personal webmaster is really no longer have to worry about technical problems. Then, the rest is the need for personal webmaster to put the greatest effort on the operation of the site, that is, promotion.

In the promotion aspect, the individual stationmaster also does not go to delve into some technical questions, for instance seo. On the discussion of SEO, there are some biased in favor of the Web site framework, level, URL and other technical guidance, there are some preference to keywords, titles, content and chain guidance, but the unified induction is the early and late SEO problems. Because we're using a Web program that's been developed and perfected, we can not in the program to spend a lot of time to modify, so personal webmaster to pay attention to is the latter part of the SEO, that is, the site's keywords, the title of the page, the quality of the content, as well as outside the chain of these aspects can be done.

I used to be in others to develop a good foundation on the basis of changes, but no matter how I modify, finally feel that the original program is more useful, the result is that I wasted a lot of time, and can not realize their own ideas, and then I to the technology this piece completely gave up. In the future, if I really want to change the site according to their own ideas, I will directly contact the official website, give them money, let them help me achieve, so the most convenient.

Sometimes, we do not have the technology of the personal webmaster will feel that they do not like a to engage in it, in fact, we are wrong. An industry, it is divided into various levels, each person is responsible for their different work. There is no technical personal webmaster, can be divided into the operation and promotion of the level, that is, a site of front-line personnel, directly at the front. Of course, the key to victory depends on the cooperation of a team, that is to say, the key to the success of a Web site is the technical staff of the logistics and operators of the striker to match the results.

Our personal webmaster because most of them are a person, so the logistic supply is the official guidance of the Open source website, and the battlefield on the front line depends on our own ability. But no matter what a person's ability, one of the same reason, is to insist. My website from 2008 to the present, recently talked to me more than a panda, his Qilu information network is persisted from 2007, and other friends are also holding on, because we are not technical origin and just out of personal interests of personal webmaster, believe that another truth, have to pay In return.

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