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our grassroots webmaster has made great contribution to the development of Chinese internet business, this is indisputable fact, because our hard work has long been the internet rich and colorful content, but also made Baidu such a big old, because our grassroots strength to help push the success of today's Taobao, although we are very important, But we are the most difficult vulnerable group, facing the brutal reality, we only have two choices.


issued such feelings is not a rise, and personal experience issued to the roar of colleagues, comfort in front of the fallen comrades, warn the back of new friends.


people have said to make quick money to do garbage station, but the time to do the garbage station will have a sense of loss, because there is no point of their own to get out of the results. So do local station or industry station, for a lone stationmaster, it is difficult, the workload is big, this needs the genuine propaganda promotion, but also wait for a long incubation period, if you want to shorten the profit cycle, it requires wisdom to operate, unfortunately, is not everyone is a genius.


08 I do the local station, follow suit, delusion, get a program to hang, waiting to collect money, when it is so think, because others say can be like this, so think of people not only I am a person, and I do the same things many people, a time the country up and down a lot like I hang a website waiting to collect money people. And some of these things as a life-saving straw, to the real life can not achieve achievements and wealth, all pinned on this, and some even do a Web page will not, nothing to discuss how to operate, how to make money, I also do the same thing, there is a common feature is to stay in theory.


Bubbles are always dashed, and it is impossible to wait for the money to be collected. About a year later, some hang up the whole station for sale, some domain name stopped parsing, some also just update the following website, at this time I also depressed, the original money is not so simple, do a local station is not as easy as others say.


so I started thinking about how, because I do not want to finish, although the ideal and reality contrast so big, but I have been on the road, do not want to give up, so find friends together to think how to do, start telemarketing, SMS publicity, door-to-door service, and then customer feedback, and then think, so intermittent, Sometimes part-time, sometimes full-time and engaged in more than a year, until now I have survived. Although it is difficult to do the local station, but what I will do now is the local station, because to do a station caused me to the local station operation of comprehensive thinking, I prefer the Internet, I create for users the price and the customer platform is certainly the biggest motivation for me, for this I continue to adhere to, continue to live strong.


I survived, but at first many of my friends who worked with me on the project had disappeared, here I want to not insist on the friend said, the site's operation and business like, to move the brain, to practice, to carry out the force, rather than on paper on the can, to do one thing, did not pay 100% Efforts, do not give up lightly.


No matter what website we do, there is an attitude problem here, a will only collect not to consider the consequences do not intend to continue to do is the garbage station, if you take it seriously, have good content, seriously to its propaganda, adhere to, then a period of time, if it is a local station, it will create value for local people, Let the webmaster have the opportunity to achieve the ideal, if it is because of interest to do small sites, then Baidu will at least recognize your pay, after friendly cooperation, but also to meet their interests outside the objective income. If the industry station, then will accumulate a certain user base, create a price of the industry platform, harvest is broken abundant.

above these also is not nonsense, because I have seen a dedicated self-help article, the page is concise, is the original template dede slightly modified, daily traffic tens of thousands of, people have done 4 years. I have seen a lot of personal operations, or the development of personal operations to the local site, and some are well-known, some in the low-key money, but they have done a lot of work, after a period of lonely user precipitation period. There are special to do the garbage station group, to achieve a very high state, easy to make money, but also from doing the first garbage station began, endure the abuse of Baidu, has been insisting. This is a lot of examples, more than one by one said. And I continue to be my own place, I'm a new place. Station: Weifang Second-hand car network I would like to do a place to run it, webmaster to do a website is not easy, I will take my every child seriously, for me a child is a hope.


talk so much, our personal webmaster development on the road encountered a lot of problems, there are many difficulties, in the face of them, only two choices: either the difficulties and problems solved, and continue to move forward! Or down on the spot, with many fallen friends with the buried, for the cause of IDC contributed a little.

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