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What is "hunger marketing"? Millet mobile phone as the latest in the domestic spotlight of the recent smartphone, Millet adopted the marketing method is "hunger marketing." Millet companies in the brand out of the intention to reduce production, resulting in the market demand for the appearance of supply, thereby stabilizing the value of the brand continued to gain benefits! This is the typical "hunger marketing"!

Many people think that only large enterprises are suitable for "hunger marketing", why? Small brand enterprises are easy to replicate, therefore, it is difficult to remain irreplaceable in the market! This view is correct, but it does not apply to all.

In Chengdu's four shrine South Street, there is a small noodle shop, no signs, the façade is not in the bustling area, but this little noodle restaurant is like a cloud! The chef King of the noodle shop sells only 150 bowls a day and closes on time 1 o'clock noon. And diners finish their noodles and they have to clean up their desks! This is a case of "hunger marketing" by marketers , then, how should individual stationmaster carry on "Hunger marketing"?


Domestic webmaster Circle in the famous stragglers forum, I believe we are not unfamiliar. In some of the laggards forum, the need to "outdated" to post. And if you are "not outdated", you can only go to the rules of the post! In fact, this is also a kind of hunger marketing. Many people ask around, how can the laggards get the points "outdated", which allows other novice webmaster will also notice such a webmaster forum.

Personal webmaster to the website "Hunger Marketing" attention matters:

1, must have the technical superiority: for example the laggard forum technical superiority, is its high-end stationmaster resources. Because the founder of the outdated forum earlier, its active webmaster for many years of technical experience, operating experience of the old webmaster, the novice webmaster has a great attraction!

2, pay attention to the way of publicity: propaganda should be in the promotion and control negative have a balance point. The best way to promote publicity is undoubtedly Word-of-mouth! The Stragglers forum, although not as famous as A5 and Chinaz, has also created a more mystical atmosphere for its introverted word-of-mouth spread.

3, to have self-knowledge: if it is only a small site, the site brand has not made before the "Hunger marketing", the user's patience is a big test. If break through the user's psychological bottom line, this kind of marketing way is undoubtedly blind, ego expands!

4, pay attention to improvise: The user's taste is not immutable, should be at any time to understand the latest progress of the competitor website, so as to avoid the user feelings transfer!

"Hunger marketing" if used well, the site's operation and development are playing a big role. Of course, "Hunger marketing" is a double-edged sword, if abused, it may backfire! For example, some days before Yu Muqing is 4.6, happy heart to the girlfriend Rob Millet mobile phone, the results of 100,000 units a few minutes is gone, very annoying ah! The topic is far away, text end advertisement eternal Flower seed industry http://, the author of this article Yu Muqing, starting A5, reprint please keep the link!

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