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In this network of winter season, some personal webmaster can insist on the stand has been very good, And a lot of them have given up. Personal stationmaster has no relatively perfect team, some also have no technology, make money not much. I also belong to this did not make how much money, but I think I should stick to it, because I have done this for three or four years, but also accumulated some experience, below and you share, master don't laugh, hope and some like me as a webmaster grow up together .

From the beginning of the station mixed to the current only for traffic and survival, really sad oh. From the beginning of their own station has not seriously considered the characteristics of the site. Now only understand to do the station must have its own characteristics, so that can be a long-term millions down, in fact, to survive and look forward to profitability, that is, to attract visitors eyeball place. Otherwise the website does not have the soul, abandons is the thing sooner or later. Even if you stick to the end of the same.

So we have to do before the station first have to locate the direction of their own website development, their hearts to have planning, Refer to the model of the successful site. Some stationmaster has no technology, feel that they are not fit to do this, and not suitable to engage in that, technology is certainly important, but the good technology also need someone to operate, will play its effect. Without a perfect plan, good technology is just a castle in the castles, and it doesn't make much sense.

For the owners we just started, technology, money and so on things are not likely to be ours, so we should have better ideas, Believe that a good idea can attract more people. But how can you make your own station hair, I think first of all to choose a better domain name, preferably with. com meters, because such a meter is the majority of netizens agree, in fact, the CN meter is also good, you can consider. Secondly, to make out of the station, the façade can not be too vegetable. Although we do not have any capital, but the viewer thinks good-looking is really good, again 0 cost, the user feels very rubbish, that income certainly also is 0 return. The necessary design is not to be saved. So everyone should learn or learn. Promotion is to do the station's personal webmaster are the most concerned about the problem? This is for sure, the station will be promoted out before anyone can see, otherwise the wine incense is not found. There's not much skill in this thing. Everyone to practice. The most important thing is to insist that there is nothing to do. You can go to do more links, but also have to choose, you can use blog to optimize.

Finally stressed that the success of the station is continuous practice, believe in themselves, as long as efforts will be successful, I hope everyone can be developed.

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